TurboFire Greatest HIITs

Greatest HIITs is a short high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. It is part of the TurboFire workout program created and led by Chalene Johnson and sold by Beachbody. Unlike Insanity’s Fast and Furious 20 minute bonus workout, Greatest HIITs is not a good example of what to expect with the TurboFire program. Yes, TurboFire … Continue reading TurboFire Greatest HIITs


Cathe Friedrich’s Cardio Supersets

Edited 8/18/12 Cardio Supersets is part of Cathe’s Low Impact Series. I have had a lot of interest in Cathe’s Low Impact Series for a while, but have held off on purchasing any workouts in that series because a part of me thinks “low impact” equals low intensity. But since I’ve recently become obsessed with … Continue reading Cathe Friedrich’s Cardio Supersets

The Firm: Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn

Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn is a 51 minute cardio + strength Firm workout led by Alison Davis. 8:30 minute warm up, 38 minute training period and 4:30 cool down. The training period includes 5:30 minutes of abdominal work.  I really enjoy this workout and yet I never do it. I remembered there was a reason, … Continue reading The Firm: Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn

Tae Bo Extreme

Tae Bo Extreme is a 56 minute cardio + strength  kickboxing/step workout. 4 minute warm up, 48 minute training time and 3:30 minute cool down. To be honest, I hesitate to label it as having strength work, but I have to remember that there are all kinds of strength work and just because it is … Continue reading Tae Bo Extreme

Cathe’s CrossFire

CrossFire is one of Cathe’s newest workouts. It is a 55 minute cardio workout; 6:30 warm up, 41:30 training time and 7 minute cool down/stretch. Also included are two bonus tracks: a 9 minute core segment and 4:40 low impact tabata. I LOVE this workout. In fact, CrossFire is my new favorite cardio workout. It … Continue reading Cathe’s CrossFire

Gin Miller’s Simply Interval

Simply Interval is a 42 minute cardio/HIIT workout; 5 minute warm up, 33 minute training time and 4 minute cool down. This is another oldie but goody—I had forgotten how much I enjoy Gin Miller’s workouts. She is motivating, she creates solid workouts and her cuing is excellent. Plus—she has great hair! Especially in this … Continue reading Gin Miller’s Simply Interval

Cathe’s Cardio Kicks

This is another Cathe workout that has multiple workouts on one DVD. And I LOVE that. However, because I am currently doing Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution for my strength work, I can only do the cardio workout on this DVD. So for today, you only get a review for the Cardio Kicks workout. Circuit Max … Continue reading Cathe’s Cardio Kicks

Cathe’s MMA Kickboxing

MMA Kickboxing is a 52 minute kickboxing workout; 10 minute warm up, 26 minutes kickboxing, 9 minute ab work and 7 minute cool down/stretch. Another Cathe kickboxing workout. I am slowly but surely accumulating Cathe DVDs and because I am currently in the middle of Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution which is where all of my … Continue reading Cathe’s MMA Kickboxing