Cathe’s Circuit Max

Circuit Max is another effective and fast paced cardio + strength workout. It is part of one of Cathe’s wonderful multi-workout DVDs. The other full workout on this DVD is Cardio Kicks which has already been reviewed on this blog. Circuit Max is 65 minutes long; 10 minute warm up, 50 minute training period and … Continue reading Cathe’s Circuit Max


Cathe’s High Step Challenge

High Step Challenge is an awesome cardio + strength workout from Cathe. I love it! It was so much fun, it was intense and it did the job wonderfully—great strength work with fun cardio bursts. This is my favorite type of workout, when cardio and strength can be combined so that you get the best … Continue reading Cathe’s High Step Challenge

Cathe’s STS Total Body

**Updated 10/25/15 (scroll to bottom) STS Total Body is a 66 minute strength workout by Cathe and it is amazing. One of the most challenging pure strength workouts I have ever done. 6 minute warm up, 55 minute training time and 5 minute stretch. The key to getting the full benefit of this workout is … Continue reading Cathe’s STS Total Body

Cathe’s HIIT workouts

Yay! Another Cathe winner! After BodyMax I was afraid my streak of discovering amazing Cathe workouts that I adore was at an end. Enter Cathe's HIIT workouts. HIIT is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training, one of the very best ways to burn fat and create an afterburn affect--all in less time than regular cardio. … Continue reading Cathe’s HIIT workouts

Cathe’s Stretch Max

Cathe's Stretch Max is a lovely little stretching DVD. It contains three 20 minute stretch workouts, perfect to add on to the end of a workout when your body is already warmed up. I love to stretch, but I have a really hard time working it into my workout schedule because I put priority on … Continue reading Cathe’s Stretch Max

Power Hour

Power Hour is a 62 minute strength workout; 6 minute warm up, 46 minute strength training, 6 minute ab work and 3 minute stretch. Power Hour is one of Cathe’s older workouts included on her multi-workout DVD that also includes BodyMax and Maximum Intensity Strength. BodyMax was the first workout I did from this DVD … Continue reading Power Hour


Overview: TurboFire is marketed as an “intense cardio conditioning” program created by Chalene Johnson. The base kit/program comes with 11 DVDs that contain 13 workouts. You also get a lower body band, a toning band with handles, a fitness guide, a class schedule (calendar) and a nutrition plan. I got the advanced system that includes … Continue reading TurboFire

Cathe’s Body Max

Edited 12/28/12 (scroll to the end for edit) BodyMax is a 91 minute cardio + strength workout by Cathe. It’s an oldy, too--2001, and apparently it was originally released on VHS. I got it on a DVD that has 3 of her older workouts on it: Power Hour, Maximum Intensity Strength and BodyMax. The other … Continue reading Cathe’s Body Max

Cathe’s Afterburn

Edited 8/18/12 Afterburn is a 54 minute cardio + strength workout; 5 minute warm up, 44 minute training period and 5 minute cool down/stretch. What can I say about this workout but wow. There is so much about this workout that compelled me to purchase it. First, the title. Afterburn. Isn’t that what we all … Continue reading Cathe’s Afterburn

Cathe’s Athletic Training

Athletic Training is a very eclectic cardio + strength workout and though I loved it, I can how see it will not appeal to everyone. More than other instructor's workouts that I've done, Cathe’s workouts tend to require a lot more equipment. I’m okay with that. I make substitutions where I have to, but I also … Continue reading Cathe’s Athletic Training