My Intro to Xtrain

Xtrain is a workout series from Cathe Friedrich. I have been anxiously awaiting this program for months. I pre-ordered it the day it appeared on Cathe’s website many months ago and every time she posted an update on the production progress of this series/program, my anticipation grew. Anyone who follows this blog knows in 2012 … Continue reading My Intro to Xtrain

Cathe’s Core Max

Core Max is part of Cathe’s Hardcore series. It is a multi-workout DVD and contains 3 core workouts. One that uses no equipment, one that uses a stability ball and one that uses a medicine ball and a stability ball. They are all approximately 20 minutes long. Even though I liked these workouts (well, I … Continue reading Cathe’s Core Max

Cathe’s Travel Fit

I can’t believe that since April, I have managed to purchase almost every single Cathe DVD available. In fact, other than Xtrain (which I have on pre-order and it ships 12/27/12--whoo-hoo!), there are only 2 more Cathe DVDs I am “on the fence” about buying. The remaining 5 I don’t think I will ever get. … Continue reading Cathe’s Travel Fit

Cathe’s Hardcore Extreme

Hardcore Extreme is another compilation DVD from Cathe. Her compilation collections are basically DVDs that contain premixes--but they are premixes created from multiple existing workouts. And two of them in particular: Terminator and Hardcore Extreme, contain long and brutal “premixes.” Hardcore Extreme is created from 4 workouts in the Hardcore Series: Imax 3, Low Max, … Continue reading Cathe’s Hardcore Extreme

Cathe’s Turbo Barre

What a deceptively painful workout. I am nearing the end of my new-to-me Cathe workouts (not a problem because Cathe’s Xtrain should be released in a few weeks--more new Cathe workouts!) and Turbo Barre is one that I put off purchasing, then once I purchased it, I put off doing it for a long time. … Continue reading Cathe’s Turbo Barre

Cathe’s Step Pump and Jump

Step, Pump and Jump is a very cool circuit workout--and it was a relief! It comes on a multi-workout DVD. The other workout on the DVD is Step Blast, which I did not care for. It's good to know I didn't waste my money! I previewed Step, Pump and Jump by watching the clip on … Continue reading Cathe’s Step Pump and Jump

Cathe’s Low Impact Challenge

Low Impact Challenge is a step-cardio workout from Cathe’s Low Impact series. I’ll admit, I was disappointed in this workout. It was not what I had hoped for. It is true that the few workouts of Cathe’s that I don't care for are step workouts, so it’s not a huge surprise, but these days I do … Continue reading Cathe’s Low Impact Challenge

Cathe’s Terminator

The Terminator DVD is another of Cathe’s compilation DVDs. It contains 3 long workouts that are created by combining segments from 4 existing workouts from her Intensity Series: Imax 2, Cardio & Weights, Muscle Endurance and Bootcamp. So they are all basically long premixes--and they are tough. Premixes on crack. I’ll give a brief summary … Continue reading Cathe’s Terminator

Cathe’s Imax 3

Imax 3 is the third workout in Cathe’s Imax series. It is 59 minutes; 9 minute warm up, 41 minute step/HIIT/cardio, 9 minute cool down/stretch. Cathe and crew used a 6 inch step. I love the other two Imax workouts, so I was looking forward to Imax 3. I did my research and I knew that … Continue reading Cathe’s Imax 3

Cathe’s Imax 2

Imax 2 is a cardio step/HIIT workout from Cathe. Imax stands for Interval Max and this is the second Imax workout Cathe created (there are 3 in all). Imax 2 is 54 minutes; 7 minute warm up, 41 minute training time and 6 minute cool down/stretch. Cathe uses a 6 inch step. Imax 2 is also … Continue reading Cathe’s Imax 2