Xtrain: Wrap Up

For more info on Xtrain see My Intro to Xtrain , Week 3 Update, Week 6 update and Week 7? Update As I start writing this blog post (it will probably take me a day or two to complete), I am nearing the end of my 90 days of Xtrain. It did not play out exactly … Continue reading Xtrain: Wrap Up

STS Overview and Prep

**4/19/13 edit--I will be reviewing the workouts as I go through the program. Scroll to the bottom for links to the individual workouts (new links will be added when each review posts). STS is a weight-lifting/strength program. That's the short description. But it is so much more complex than that and in so many ways. … Continue reading STS Overview and Prep

Xtrain Week 7? Update

For more info on Xtrain see My Intro to Xtrain , Week 3 Update and Week 6 update. Week 7? Update: As expected, nothing went quite as a I planned. There is a ? after week 7 because I’m not exactly sure what week I am in. Technically week 7 I suppose, but it doesn’t really … Continue reading Xtrain Week 7? Update

MMA Boxing

MMA Boxing is a very fun cardio boxing workout. I loved it! I can’t believe that over the past year I have hoarded so many Cathe workouts and put off getting this one. Pre-Xtrain, I thought “just boxing?” Hmmmmm--where is the kicking? How can I get a good working from just air boxing? Then I … Continue reading MMA Boxing