STS Weeks 14 & 15 (Disks 19, 20 & 21)‏

For more information on STS see STS Overview and Prep. This trio of workouts introduces us to Double Wave Loads. I think I like Mesocycle 2 the best so far. Lots of new and interesting ways to challenge your muscles are introduced with each set of upper body workouts. Not only do you keep lifting … Continue reading STS Weeks 14 & 15 (Disks 19, 20 & 21)‏


Bob Harper’s Ultimate Cardio Body

Ultimate Cardio Body by Bob Harper is another intense metabolic weight training workout. Bob does make an effort to hit every muscle group so it can also be viewed as a full body cardio + strength workout. What can I say about this workout except it is another super tough Bob Harper torture session. He … Continue reading Bob Harper’s Ultimate Cardio Body

Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules Workouts

Bob Harper has created 12 workouts to accompany his Skinny Rules plan. They are all short workouts, all clocking in at under 20 minutes (not including the warm up; if the warm up is done with the workouts you can tack on 11 minutes, which puts most of them at or over 20 minutes and … Continue reading Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules Workouts