Get Extremely RIPPED! Revved to the Max

Revved to the Max is another Jari Love torture session--high rep, endurance level metabolic weight training. This workout seriously burns my muscles out. It has some very cool and unique exercises in it that will train your muscles in new ways. I have always really liked this workout, but there is something of a dread … Continue reading Get Extremely RIPPED! Revved to the Max

Rhythmic Step

Rhythmic Step is on one of Cathe's wonderful "collection" DVDs. There are 3 cardio workouts on this DVD; the other two workouts are Interval Max and Maximum Intensity Cardio. I have actually had the collection a long time and reviewed the other two workouts  a year or so ago. But I put off doing Rhythmic … Continue reading Rhythmic Step

Cathe’s Cardio Hits

Cardio Hits is another collection of Cathe's old step workouts. I recently reviewed The Classics Vol 1 which is a collection of three of Cathe's old step workouts and now I am reviewing Cardio Hits, another trio of Cathe's old step workouts. However, Cardio Hits collection contains newer workouts--not by much tho, only a year … Continue reading Cathe’s Cardio Hits

BodyStrikes Vol 2

Another tough lower body conditioning workout by Ilaria Montagnani. This one is much more advanced than Vol 1 and I enjoyed it a lot more than I remembered. This is another one I haven't done in years and what stood out in my memory about it is that I liked Vol 1 a lot better. … Continue reading BodyStrikes Vol 2

BodyStrikes Vol 1

I haven't done this workout in years and I don't know why (other than the obvious fact I have an excessive amount of workout DVDs therefore it is hard to do them all regularly). I remember loving it and, doing it again, I still love it! Another amazing workout from Ilaria Montagnani. Ilaria creates unique, … Continue reading BodyStrikes Vol 1