30 Minutes to Fitness: Plateau Buster

Kelly Coffey-Meyer is another new-to-me trainer and not one I would normally try. But I got a lot of Amazon gift cards for Christmas and around the time I was deciding what to buy with those gift cards, Kelly Coffey-Meyer had a sale on her website (Coffeyfit.com). I went to check it out and was intrigued. … Continue reading 30 Minutes to Fitness: Plateau Buster


Yoga Inferno

Yoga Inferno is the latest offering from Jillian Michaels and it was a huge surprise. I didn't know what to expect from this workout, but what I got was nowhere near what I thought it might be! I have not done her first yoga workout, but from what I've read, this workout isn't like that … Continue reading Yoga Inferno

Rapid Fire 3

Susan Chung is another new trainer for me! And I have found yet another one I really like! I can't believe the new gems I am discovering. Susan doesn't have a lot of workouts for me to glom, but glom them I will! Susan creates kickboxing workouts. I don't know the composition of the other 3 … Continue reading Rapid Fire 3


Ignite is my first workout by Toby Massenburg and I love him! The workout was advanced and really challenged me. It was well put together and I really, really like Toby! What a great find! It is an all out HIIT workout. It is short but does an incredible job in very little time. It is … Continue reading Ignite

Get Extremely RIPPED! and Chiseled

Jari Love's newest offering Get Extremely Ripped and Chiseled was one of my Christmas presents. I am a big fan of Jari Love. HIIT and metabolic weight training are all the rage now, but she was doing both before they become popular. She was one of the forerunners of the most effective and advanced training … Continue reading Get Extremely RIPPED! and Chiseled