Get Ripped to the Core

Ripped2CoreGet Ripped to the Core is one of Jari Love‘s older workouts, but it is a good one. The focus of this workout is high rep compound exercises. This workout is put together very nicely and if you choose your weights wisely, it is an excellent total body metabolic strength workout that hits every muscle group. This workout is structured “old style” Jari love, which I like. Between each exercise, we are told what exercise is coming plus we are shown someone doing the move. This helps me choose my dumbbells properly and also gives a brief moment to either set up (some exercises use a step), grab a new set of dumbbells, record weights used on workout cards, or just get a drink and towel off from the last exercise (you don’t have enough time to do all of these things, btw!). Some people are not going to like this time between exercises. And sometimes I don’t either–but I have many other works with little or no pause between exercises (including some of Jari’s newer workouts) so this workout mixes things up nicely for me. And depending on your fitness level, you may really need those pauses to regroup and come at the next exercise strong.

There are no complicated compound moves in this workout. Just solid, effective exercises. I remember when I first got this workout years ago (when it first came out in 2006) it was so hard, so challenging for me. Not so much now. It is an excellent workout, do not misunderstand. But how challenging it is, is dependent not only on your fitness level but on the dumbbells you use. However, it is endurance training, so you can’t go too heavy. I used primarily 15 pound dumbbells for most of the exercises, but I also used 20 pound dumbbells for the deadlift/back row combo and 8 pound dumbbells for the shoulder and tricep exercises. BTW–this workout hits your shoulders hard. But that is typical of Jari Love. She loves to hit the shoulders hard.

Jari has 3 crew members showing different levels. One woman shows an easier version of the exercises and doesn’t use a step. A man in the back shows the most advanced version of the exercise and Laurie is there, too. She usually either does the same version as Jari or the advanced version with the male, or sometimes she does a version somewhere between Jari’s and the advanced crew member. So there is a lot of choices you can make when doing this workout! For the chest press exercise everyone uses the step at 8 inches. But for all of the other exercises that involve the step Jari has hers at 6 inches and Laurie and the male crew member have their step at 8 inches. I kept mine at 8 inches, too, and that worked well for me. There is a lot of information given in this workout that appears to irritate some people (I gleaned this from my reading of other reviews). She tested these exercises to see how many calories they burned and she shares that info for each exercise. You also see a list of all of the muscle groups worked by each exercise and finally, you are shown what weights each crew member is using.

Get Ripped to the Core is 63 minutes long; 5:30 minute warm up, 52:30 training period, and 5 minute stretch. For this workout you need a variety of dumbbells and a step.

1. Reverse lunge and side squat
2. Spider (going from high plank to forearm plank) and push ups
3. Chest press w/ hip raise (need step @ 8 inches)
4. Bent leg deadlift with bicep curl
5. Plie squat w/ upright row
6. Stiff leg deadlift w/ back rows
7. Squat with lat raise/narrow squat with anterior raise (need step)
8. Step ups with overhead press (need step)
9. Tricep push ups/tricep kickbacks w/ knee in/out (you’ll be on all 4s for the second part)
10. Abs (plank moves/crunches)


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