Body Weight Blast

Wow! Another winner by Patrick Goudeau and I think this one is my new favorite! It is tough, fun and signature Patrick metabolic strength training. I think this is his best one yet. Don't let the title Body Weight Blast fool you--this is not a body weight only workout. In fact, he uses heavier dumbbells … Continue reading Body Weight Blast

30 Minutes to Fitness: Step Boxing

I almost didn't buy this step boxing workout. I bought Kelly Coffey-Meyer's original (non-30 Minutes to Fitness) Step Boxing workout and loved it. But I read some reviews that the choreography in this one was complicated, so I passed on it. I came back to look at the reviews again and I couldn't find them! … Continue reading 30 Minutes to Fitness: Step Boxing

Hard Work Conditioning (1)

Now, I will admit, I do not own a vast library of Patrick Goudeau workouts, but of the ones I do own, I’ve come expect something from him: a brutal and taxing workout. So with the title of Hard Work Conditioning (and after doing Hard Work Conditioning 2) I was expecting some seriously hard work. … Continue reading Hard Work Conditioning (1)

Moxie 1 & 2

Moxie 1 and Moxie 2 are 20 minute workouts by Heather Corndorf. There is a bit of a story behind these two workouts. The first workout I did by Heather was Kickbox Burn which was "presented" by Patrick Goudeau and sold under his label of DVDs (not sure the terminology for workout DVDs)--basically he produced … Continue reading Moxie 1 & 2

Extreme Calorie Burn

The title snagged my attention, then I saw it was by Patrick Goudeau and knew that it was probably an accurate title! Patrick can burn the fat off anyone with his intense metabolic weight training workouts. I am working on building a solid collection of advanced metabolic weight training workouts and of course Patrick will … Continue reading Extreme Calorie Burn

NYC: Body Sculpting Workout

Since I am so enamored of Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s 30 Minutes to Fitness (30MF) workouts and I loved her earlier (not 30MF) Step Boxing workout, I decided I need to try some of the workouts she created prior to 30MF. Enter NYC, which stands for New You Coming. It was released in 2006. I really, really … Continue reading NYC: Body Sculpting Workout

Rapid Fire 2: Results

I now own all 4 of Susan Chung's Rapid Fire workouts and I love them all so much, I can't decide which is my favorite! Rapid Fire 2: Results is just as awesome as the other 3! Part of me thinks I like this one best, but I think that every time I do one … Continue reading Rapid Fire 2: Results

Toby Massenburg’s AfterBURN

I had to clarify in the title line that this AfterBURN is from trainer Toby Massenburg because Cathe also has an Afterburn that has been reviewed here. They are both very intense metabolic weight training workouts, but that is where the similarities end. Now, this isn't a comparison review, so I am not going into … Continue reading Toby Massenburg’s AfterBURN

Hard Work Conditioning 2

Wow! That title is no joke! This is the second Patrick Goudeau workout I've done (Kickbox Burn doesn't really count because it's really Heather Corndorf) and it is hard work. I own Hard Work Conditioning 1 but haven't done it yet, so I cannot compare at this time--but Hard Work Conditioning 2 earns its name! … Continue reading Hard Work Conditioning 2

Slim, Strong, & Sexy Body Sculpt

That is a really long name for a workout: Slim, Strong & Sexy Body Sculpt. It's one by Michelle Dozois and it's part of her Your Body Breakthru series. It appears there are 3 workouts in this series and two have been reviewed here already: Your Best Body Circuit and Rockin' Body Cardio Jam. Slim, … Continue reading Slim, Strong, & Sexy Body Sculpt