I discovered RIPT90 thanks to Amazon recommending products it thinks I might be interested in based on my past purchases, my wishlist, my browsing history, etc. RIPT90 appears relatively new. I have not seen this particular program before but Amazon has recommended others by the same company: X-TrainFit. I have looked at X-TrainFit's other programs but they have never … Continue reading RIPT90

10 Minute Torchers

10 Minute Torchers was discovered completely by accident. First, I came across a forum post about a Men's Health workout series called The Anarchy Workout. I was curious so I did some research on it. When I decided to spring for it, I was offered 10 Minute Torchers at the checkout. So, of course, before … Continue reading 10 Minute Torchers

The Anarchy Workout

I discovered this workout when perusing fitness forums. I vaguely remember some contest run by both Men's Health and Women's Health about choosing the next "top trainer." The winner got to create a workout series. That's the last I heard of it. Well, as it turns out, The Anarchy Workout was created by the male … Continue reading The Anarchy Workout