Peak Fit System

***Update 4/14/16--Michelle Dozois posted an excellent blog post today about home workouts vs gym workouts. In it she talked about her Peak 10 workouts and Peak Fit system. Also, at the very end of the blog post she states that there will be a new Peak 10 system coming out later this year. I am … Continue reading Peak Fit System


Pretty Fierce: Weight Loss

**Note: since I am doing two related systems together, the first few paragraphs in both reviews are similar. I have come across a lot of new programs and trainers lately. Lindsay Brin is the latest. She has a DVD series titled MIF/Mom's Into Fitness. Yeah, I'm a mom, but mine are out of the house, grown … Continue reading Pretty Fierce: Weight Loss

Pretty Fierce: Lean Out

**Note: since I am doing two related systems together the first few paragraphs in both reviews are similar. Pretty Fierce: Lean Out is the other fitness program I purchased by new-to-me trainer Lindsay Brin. She has a DVD series titled MIF/Mom's Into Fitness. I bought two of her programs, Pretty Fierce: Weight Loss and this one because … Continue reading Pretty Fierce: Lean Out

Edge Booty Extreme 2

I discovered this workout system from Oxygen Magazine--they sent me a sales email. I was immediately intrigued. I am getting ready to start another round of STS in September and I am planning on adding additional glute focus. I have already tried The Butt Bible for that purpose and loved it, so I decided I … Continue reading Edge Booty Extreme 2

The Butt Bible

The Butt Bible is a workout series created by Pauline Nordin a Swedish fitness model and trainer. She is also the creator of the Fighter Diet which is strength training and diet guides for bodybuilding and fat loss. I decided to get this because on my next round of STS (starting in September) I want to … Continue reading The Butt Bible


I cannot even remember how I came across Ultimatum but it has been on my Amazon Wishlist for a very long time. It is expensive. The trainer is Lindsi Sanor and she created an intense metabolic weight training fitness program along the lines of Michelle Dozois's Peak 10 Cardio Strength workouts--except shorter. So I was definitely … Continue reading Ultimatum