The Firm: Power Yoga

I came across The Firm: Power Yoga while investigating all of my old workout DVDs I've stored in boxes in my closet. I was actually looking for a different yoga DVD I remembered owning (but now cannot find, so I must have gotten rid of it). I had forgotten even buying a Firm yoga workout, … Continue reading The Firm: Power Yoga

Element: Daily Yoga

Trying out Element: Daily Yoga is an experiment of mine. First, I want to try more yoga and barre workouts, but since I have yet to fall in love with either practice, I don't like spending money just to sample them (and then not like them). Enter the library. I don't know why it never … Continue reading Element: Daily Yoga

Figure 30: Hips

Figure 30: Hips was purchased in my attempt to take better care of myself. Yes, I exercise every day and push myself hard, but sometimes I think that is a problem--I am focused on the wrong things. It's not all about how heavy I can deadlift and how high I can tuck jump--there is also … Continue reading Figure 30: Hips