Element: Power Yoga

Power Yoga is another excellent yoga workout by Element and Ashley Turner. I've done quite a few Element and Ashley Turner yoga workouts over the past few weeks and this one is the most advanced and challenging of the ones I've done so far. I wouldn't say it was advanced, but maybe high-intermediate. I worked … Continue reading Element: Power Yoga


Element: Yoga for Stress Relief & Flexibility

Another major winner from Element and yogi Ashley Turner. Before I even get started, I have to preface this by stating that I have always tried to incorporate more yoga into my rotations. I know it is necessary and I even like and enjoy a lot of the yoga workouts I own. However, I have … Continue reading Element: Yoga for Stress Relief & Flexibility

Exhale: Core Fusion Barre Basics

The full title of this workout is Exhale Core Fusion Barre Basics for Beginners. I chose this workout because, in spite of the word "beginner" in the title, it got some impressive reviews. One in particular swayed me. She posted the review in May of 2013 then updated it in August of 2013. She had … Continue reading Exhale: Core Fusion Barre Basics

Element: Yoga for Strength & Flexibility

I am so enamored of Element's workouts that I can't stop checking them out at the library to sample them (and then purchasing the ones I love). The workouts are beautifully produced. All of the ones I've done are set in the same location--a beautiful green, vibrant garden beside the Pacific Ocean. They play relaxing … Continue reading Element: Yoga for Strength & Flexibility

Burn at the Barre

Burn at the Barre is the final workout I scheduled for my barre week. However, it is not the last! I enjoyed these workouts so much that I checked out two more from the library today but I am not sure when I will get to those. Burn at the Barre is a total body … Continue reading Burn at the Barre

Xtend Barre: Lean & Chiseled‏‏

I love this workout! Of all of the barre workouts I’ve done so far this week, Xtend Barre: Lean & Chiseled is my favorite. It is an excellent total body workout that is so fast-paced you get some cardio, too. I did not find any of the moves too fast to do with good form … Continue reading Xtend Barre: Lean & Chiseled‏‏

The Perfect Design: Level III Advanced

When it comes to Tracy Anderson I always seem to have a lot to say. After doing The Perfect Design Level II and The Method Mat Workout I felt compelled to sample her advanced offerings. In Level II and The Mat Workout I thought the lower body work was excellent and I also liked the … Continue reading The Perfect Design: Level III Advanced

Element: Barre Conditioning

This is my Barre week. I checked out a bunch of barre workouts from the library to sample and this was my first. It will not be the first barre review to post, but that is because there are two workouts on this DVD and at the time of this writing, I have only done one … Continue reading Element: Barre Conditioning

Element: Ballet Conditioning‏

I love Element workouts—even when I don’t love the actual workout. Does that makes sense? Element creates beautiful, well produced workout DVDs, even when the actual workout doesn’t appeal to me. Element: Ballet Conditioning is one of those workouts. It is not a bad workout. Some of it actually challenged me, but overall it is … Continue reading Element: Ballet Conditioning‏

Pure Barre: 16th Street 2

My barre adventures continue with Pure Barre: 16th Street 2. The library had several Pure Barre workouts but I chose this one because it had the most 5 star reviews on Amazon. Of course, I was checking Amazon on my iphone while at the library so I didn't actually read the reviews. I read them … Continue reading Pure Barre: 16th Street 2