Cathe Live: Total Body Tone Up

Another excellent total body workout from Cathe Live. I thought it was a great workout and really enjoyed it; however, oddly, the back really seemed short-changed in this workout. She covered every other muscle group very well but the back got nothing but pullovers. Personally, I would have preferred she shortchanged the chest this morning. … Continue reading Cathe Live: Total Body Tone Up

Cathe Live: Power Step

Power Step is a great cardio step workout. I always approach Cathe's step workouts with caution since her choreography can get complex, but this one is perfect. It is intense, the choreography is not complicated and if you have done Cathe's step workouts before (which I have), then you are familiar with every step/combo she … Continue reading Cathe Live: Power Step

Cathe Live: Compound Giant Sets

I chose to do this workout mostly out of curiosity from the title. I am so glad I did. This is an awesome metabolic/endurance workout. It wasn't quite what I expected by the title. A giant set is circuit training with very little rest between sets; however I always associate giant sets with focusing on … Continue reading Cathe Live: Compound Giant Sets

Cathe Live: Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic Conditioning was my Christmas workout. I was up late last night (and ate and drank too much!), we had stockings & gifts this morning, then dinner at noon and another dinner with the in-laws this evening. Not much time to workout! Metabolic Conditioning sounded short, intense and sweet at only 42 minutes. And it … Continue reading Cathe Live: Metabolic Conditioning

Cathe Live: Mish Mosh Legs

Another great Live workout from Cathe. This one is just what it says--50 minutes of lower body work. Cathe works primarily the glutes, hamstrings and quads, and she tries to work them in a variety of angles w/ dumbbells and firewalkers. I really enjoyed the diversity of this workout. Lots of fun and worked my … Continue reading Cathe Live: Mish Mosh Legs

Cathe Live: Strong Upper Body w/ Core

Strong Upper Body w/ Core is an amazing upper body workout! My new favorite. I will definitely be utilizing this workout a lot. This is also one of the many, many things I love about Cathe Live--the muscle split workouts. Cathe has always created amazing muscle split workouts on DVD, but I personally would prefer … Continue reading Cathe Live: Strong Upper Body w/ Core

Cathe Live: Cardio Mish Mosh

Cathe's Live Cardio Mish Mosh is a very cool cardio workout that I know I will return to frequently. It is comparable to Crossfire and To the Max--but only in diversity and intensity. The best way to describe this workout is to think of every single cardio/HIIT/plyo move Cathe does in her vast library of … Continue reading Cathe Live: Cardio Mish Mosh

Cathe Live: Total Body Cardio & Weights

Yet another awesome cardio + strength workout from Cathe Live. Cathe's live workouts are a treasure trove of these types of workouts--and btw, cardio + strength is my absolute favorite type of workout, and Cathe consistently does itĀ better than anyone else out there. Not necessarily metabolic strength, tho I do love that, too, but circuit … Continue reading Cathe Live: Total Body Cardio & Weights

Physique 57: Thigh & Seat Booster

I really wanted to try Physique 57 workouts after doing Xtend Barre: Lean & Chiseled because it was recommended to me as being similar. I loved Xtend Barre and was very disappointed to discover there were no more by the trainer and that it wasn't a series. I was disappointed that my public library did … Continue reading Physique 57: Thigh & Seat Booster

Cathe Live: High Intensity Aerobic Weight Training w/ Step

I love this workout! What an awesome workout! A total body cardio + strength workout. Cathe set it up in 7 rounds. Each rounds starts with a cardio move on a 10 inch step then moves into strength work--some of it upper body, some of it lower body, some of it combines upper and lower … Continue reading Cathe Live: High Intensity Aerobic Weight Training w/ Step