ICE: Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox

ICERSAnother great and surprising workout from Cathe‘s ICE program (Intermediate Conditioning Extreme). Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox was more intense than I was expecting it to be. I would say this is even more intense than Cathe’s Rockout Knockout. I didn’t think it would be either. The long warm up was rather low key and contained zero kicks, so I wasn’t expecting much, but once the actual workout started Cathe really kicked it up! She even had air jacks and jump kicks–not something I expected in an “intermediate” workout. I did wear 2 pound weighted gloves throughout this workout, which upped the intensity, but I always wear my weighted gloves during all kickboxing/boxing workouts. It isn’t as intense as Hardstrikes, but a great cardio kickboxing workout.

Since this is a cardio kickboxing workout, I am not going to break it down, just summarize. After a rather low key warm up consisting primarily of punches, the workout shifts into Cathe’s more traditional cardio kickboxing format–punch combos alternated with cardio blasts. She also has some fun and interesting kick combos. One thing that is different about this workout than her other kickboxing workouts is she does not combine kicking and punching in the same combo. Your combos are either all punches or all kicks. Personally, I liked this. I like it when they are combined, too, but I also like it when trainers mix things up. That makes this workout unique from her other kickboxing workouts.

This DVD also contains a Blizzard Blast, Muscle Meltdown for triceps and Icy Core #1. Just like all of the Muscle Meltdowns, the triceps meltdown is excellent and can be any level you want it to be, depending on the weights you choose. The first time I did this workout I did premix #2 which adds the Muscle Meltdown to the end. The second time I did it, I did premix #4 which added the Blizzard Blast to the end, and today for my doubles workout, I did premix #7 which is 4 rounds of the Muscle Meltdown. I have enjoyed all of the Muscle Meltdown premix #7s so far, but I especially liked this one because the warm up is particularly appropriate–lots of punching before working your triceps. And man, were my triceps burning by the end (they still are!).

Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox is 48 minutes long; 9 minute warm up and 5 minute stretch. Cathe and crew have zero equipment except a mat for the stretch at the end. I used 2 pound weighted gloves. The bonuses require their own equipment and that is included in the descriptions below.

Blizzard Blast (14 minutes): Another intense little blast that really intensified this workout. It is primarily cardio with only a little bit of cardio boxing and no kicks. It is pretty high impact–high knees, pendulums, quarter turn jumps and it it goes pretty much non-stop, so it it adds a real cardio burnout to the end of your workout.

Muscle Meltdown/Triceps (14 minutes): Equipment: a step at 10 inches and dumbbells; Cathe used 12 pound dumbbells for everything but have whatever weight works for you. I actually used 12 pound dumbbells as well for everything except #5; for that one I used 20 pound dumbbells. You will do 12 reps of every exercises. My triceps were seriously burning by the end of this meltdown!

Exercises (repeat all 5 exercises 3x):

  1. Overhead Tricep Extensions
  2. Tricep Kickbacks
  3. Slow Tricep Dips off step
  4. Lying Tricep Extensions
  5. Close Grip Bench Press

Icy Core #1 is 11 minutes long; you will need a mat and a set of dumbbells; Cathe uses 5 pound dumbbells and I used 8 pound dumbbells. This is an excellent core workout. Not the hardest I’ve ever done but I was challenged and felt it.

  1. Side to Side Rowers holding one DB in both hands (this is similar to a Russian Twist except you do a rowing motion w/ arms/DB)
  2. Pullover Extensions: lay on back holding both DB and raise bent knees; extend both feet and arms/DBs to 2/2 count and bring back in
  3. Sit Up Leg Lift w/ Weight: holding one DB in both hands and do full sit up, at top of move lift one leg, reaching DB toward lifted leg; alternate legs
  4. Lying Up and Pullovers: put one DB on floor between feet, legs straight and hands behind head; lift one leg up and over DB tapping heel to other toe; while doing this move you will be crunching upper body
  5. Hands to Heels Crunches: lay on back with legs raised and bent, head/shoulders raised; pulse up while tapping fingertips to heels
  6. Leg Chasers: lay on back, hands behind head and bicycle bent legs while also lifting head/shoulders; similar to bicycle except you do not rotate torso, you just lift straight up (so it is not an oblique move)
  7. Slow Bike Maneuver: this time you actually do a bicycle maneuver except you do it slow and hold isometrically each side while pulsing the straightened leg 2x; after doing that for a while you go into regular bicycle maneuver
  8. Reverse Crunches
  9. Swimmer Stroke Planks: get into elbow plank and circle arms in a back stroke; alternate arms
  10. Elbow to Knee Planks: still in elbow plank bring knee to same side arm on outside of body; alternate legs
  11. Full Body Breast Stroke: lay on stomach, lift legs, arms, head and chest off ground and circle arms around like in a breast stroke while also opening and closing legs
Basic Premixes
  • #1 Warm Up + Main Routine + Icy Core 1 + Stretch – 58:59
  • #2 Warm Up + Main Routine + Muscle Meltdown – Triceps + Stretch – 61:52
  • #3 Warm Up + Main Routine + Muscle Meltdown – Triceps + Icy Core 1 + Stretch – 72:53
  • #4 Warm Up + Main Routine + Blizzard Blast + Stretch – 61:58
  • #5 Warm Up + Main Routine + Blizzard Blast + Icy Core 1 + Stretch – 73:00
  • #6 Warm Up + Main Routine + Blizzard Blast + Muscle Meltdown – Triceps + Icy Core 1 + Stretch – 86:54
  • #7 Muscle Meltdown (4 rounds): Warm Up + Muscle Meltdown – Triceps Rounds 1-3 + Round 3 Repeated + Stretch – 32:13
Timesaver Premixes
  • #1 Warm Up + Blizzard Blast + Stretch – 27:56
  • #2 Warm Up + Muscle Meltdown – Triceps + Stretch – 27:49
  • #3 Warm Up + Blizzard Blast + Muscle Meltdown – Triceps + Stretch – 41:50
  • #4 5 Gone: 5 segments are removed to shorten the workout. – 35:31
  • #5 Less Kicks: Most of the kicks are eliminated. – 39:52
  • #6 Punching Combos: After the Warm Up you will do only the three “Punching Combo” segments from the main workout. – 24:21
  • #7 Blast Only: After the Warm Up you will do only the “Blast” segments from the main workout. – 22:03
MishMosh Premixes
  • Scrambled Extreme #1 Mixes the main workout in a different way and repeats some intervals to add intensity. – 71:37
  • Scrambled Extreme #2 Changes the order of the main workout and mixes in some Blizzard Blasts. – 64:31
  • Scrambled #3 Mixes abs from Icy Core 1 throughout the main workout. – 58:59
  • Scrambled #4 Mixes all 3 Muscle Meltdown – Triceps rounds throughout the main workout. – 61:06
  • Double It #1 Warm Up + Main Routine + Main Routine + Stretch – 81:19
  • Double It + BB #2 Warm Up + Main Routine + Main Routine + Blizzard Blast + Stretch – 95:20

13 thoughts on “ICE: Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox

  1. I just did this workout again yesterday (the premix with the blizzard blast and icy core) and I just love it. The music is so motivating, and I feel like even Cathe’s cues are said to the beat! I also like the separation of upper and lower combos, because I feel I can really give my all to the leg portions because I know a break is coming. I can try my hardest on every air jack and every angel jack, knowing I will get my breath back in just a minute or so.


    1. I agree. This is one of my favorite kickboxing workouts–and it is surprisingly intense for an intermediate level workout! I also prefer the kick drills be separate at least sometimes. I do like combos, but I like to be able to really focus on my kicks.


  2. yes it is very intense! and I modify some of the stuff to low impact, like the jump kicks. one thing I like is to follow with the leg conditioning drills from kickmax. (that is the only thing on kickmax I do) one of these days I will try that old kick punch and crunch, do you like that one?


    1. Yes! Kick, Punch & Crunch is probably my favorite Cathe cardio kickbox workout. Not counting the long HIIT segment in Kick Max, it is probably her most intense cardio kickboxing workout, too. That cardio blast/HIIT segment in Kick Max is what makes that one her most intense kickboxing workouts. But the blasts in Kick Max aren’t even “kickboxing” just straight up HIITs. But KPC is all cardio kickboxing (except the core segment at the end).


      1. hmmm. so you think I might be ready for kick punch n crunch (what a name, lol) I am thinking of trying that long premix on ice kickboxing-not the one with the blast, it is the first one that repeats some segments. it is around 71 minutes. thanks!


  3. i really like this one. i was flailing away for awhile, but now i think i have the routine down! i am grateful she does not do combos with punching and kicking, lol. i just wish Amanda had shown more low impact mods. at least she does for the snow angel jacks.


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