Cathe Live: PHAT 2

PHAT stands for Peripheral Heart Action Training and I was so excited when Cathe announced she was doing a PHAT 2. If you follow my Cathe Live reviews you know that PHA Training (or PHAT #1) is my favorite Cathe Live so far. I love it! Here is Cathe's description of what PHAT is: With PHA … Continue reading Cathe Live: PHAT 2

Cathe Live: All About Legs

All About Legs is another  excellent lower body workout in the Cathe Live collection. It fried my legs (especially my inner thighs). Though different in many ways, it is similar in structure to Xtrain's Legs--especially when you do the premix that includes the bonus barre. The differences between this workout and Legs contains reasons that … Continue reading Cathe Live: All About Legs

Cathe Live: Lean & Mean Legs

Another excellent and intense lower body workout from Cathe Live. It is put together very nicely. It starts with cardio, blends into metabolic strength training, then endurance/high rep strength training and ends w/ yoga/bodyweight strength training. Very well done, too. Cathe worked each leg equally throughout the entire workout. As I mentioned in the Cathe … Continue reading Cathe Live: Lean & Mean Legs

Cathe Live: Barbell Upper Body

I have been kind of depressed the past week or so. My Apple TV was having buffering problems and I was unable to do any Cathe Live workouts. Not only was it wasting my time in the mornings as I tried to get it to work but it was screwing up my workout rotation. After … Continue reading Cathe Live: Barbell Upper Body

Physique 57: Classic 57 Minute Full Body Workout

This was a very tough workout. I was able to execute every move but there was some serious muscle burn going on! The lower body section was long, hard and painful and so was the core. The easiest part was the upper body segment. I got this workout for 50 cents used. I am really … Continue reading Physique 57: Classic 57 Minute Full Body Workout

Cathe Live: High/Low HIIT

High/Low HIIT is a very cool workout--more so than I expected. In fact, it is the Ripped with HIIT premix you always wanted but wasn't offered on DVD. A workout that alternates the high impact/plyometric HIITs from Ripped w/ HIIT with the low impact HIITs from the same series. I LOVED it! Excellent and intense. … Continue reading Cathe Live: High/Low HIIT

Cathe Live: Metabolic Mashup

Metabolic Mashup is Cathe's most recent Live workout. Normally I don't do Cathe Lives this quickly, but something about this workout excited me. I love Cathe's metabolic workouts and the video clip for this looked awesome. So I squeezed it in today on my rest/yoga day. And finished it off with yoga (I love my … Continue reading Cathe Live: Metabolic Mashup

Cathe Live: Metabolic Circuit Blast

Metabolic Circuit Blast is a very intense HIIT/metabolic strength training workout and I love it! Cathe Live workouts almost never disappoint! This is the 34th Cathe Live workout I have tried and so far I have loved all of them except for 3 (two I didn't like and 1 I liked but didn't love). All … Continue reading Cathe Live: Metabolic Circuit Blast

Cathe Live: Gloved Up & Ready

Gloved Up & Ready is another excellent cardio boxing + metabolic strength training workout from Cathe Live. This one is particularly fun and intense due to the structure. It is 50 minutes and since it starts with cardio boxing, I have no idea how long the warm up is; you start punching immediately and it blends … Continue reading Cathe Live: Gloved Up & Ready

Weider P.I.N.K.

I came across this program completely by accident. While perusing a fitness forum I saw a post about Kelly Coffey-Meyer's LIFT workout. LIFT is a powerlifting workout that I love. It is one of a kind. As far as I knew at that time, it was the only powerlifting DVD workout out there. Well, it … Continue reading Weider P.I.N.K.