Cathe Live: Total Body Sculpt

Total Body Sculpt is a long and challenging total body strength workout. It is yet another excellent Cathe Live strength workout that hits every muscle in the body and does an excellent job burning them out. In this workout she does all of the lower body work first, then moves you through each muscle group, … Continue reading Cathe Live: Total Body Sculpt

Cathe Live: HIIT Fit Circuit

HIIT Fit Circuit is an excellent metabolic strength + HIIT workout. I really enjoyed it. However, from the way Cathe described it at the beginning of the workout, I was expecting there to be more of a strength focus but the strength work is primarily metabolic--using dumbbells to keep the heart rate elevated. Which is … Continue reading Cathe Live: HIIT Fit Circuit

Cathe Live: Stability Ball Total Body Weights

Stability Ball Total Body Weights was an excellent live workout--much better than I expected. I like stability ball work, but I am wary when it is used in every single exercise in an entire workout--especially when lower body is involved. It is great and very functional for lots of exercises, but not every exercise. But … Continue reading Cathe Live: Stability Ball Total Body Weights

Cathe Live: Cardio Circuit Challenge Express

Cardio Circuit Challenge Express is a short but sweet little metabolic weight training workout. It alternates between strength work and cardio, but overall is very cardio heavy. Use heavy enough weights and you might feel you got a decent total body workout, too. I came at this workout as a cardio workout so I used the same weights … Continue reading Cathe Live: Cardio Circuit Challenge Express

Cathe Live: Total Body Weights

Whew! That was a very tough workout! Excellent total body high rep strength workout. Cathe burned out every muscle group before moving on to fry the next. I overshot it on weights a few times and had to take my own personal breaks before I could carry on; and on biceps, I had to hit … Continue reading Cathe Live: Total Body Weights

Cathe Live: Cardio Band Blast with Weights

Cardio Band Blast w/ Weights is another great cardio workout from Cathe Live. It is intense, varied and uses lots of props. It is a lot of fun, too. You get a very long warm up, then you go into each segment based on the prop you use and that is how I will break … Continue reading Cathe Live: Cardio Band Blast with Weights

Cathe Live: Hi-Lo Cardio Kickboxing

Hi-Lo Cardio Kickboxing is another great cardio workout from Cathe. But it wasn't quite what I was expecting. When I see "Hi-Lo" I am anticipating an interval type workout where we alternate between low impact and high impact moves--maybe even some HIIT level work. That's not the way this workout plays out. The first 20 … Continue reading Cathe Live: Hi-Lo Cardio Kickboxing

Be Fit in 30 Extreme

***Update--I just posted this review today, but I already received a comment (below) giving me information I did not have before I posted it. Apparently, everything on the YouTube BeFit channel is free! I had no idea. Since this was posted before I had that information, I am not changing the review post, just adding … Continue reading Be Fit in 30 Extreme

Cathe Live: Drill Max

Drill Max Live is based on Cathe's DVD Drill Max which I love but haven't done in years. It is a long workout--77 minutes, so it used to be reserved for my Saturday workout. In fact, for a long time (2012-2013 time frame) Drill Max and Body Max 1 & 2 were my Saturday workouts. … Continue reading Cathe Live: Drill Max

Cathe Live: Lean Lower Body

For anyone reading/following these Cathe Live reviews, I know it is getting old. But I LOVE this workout! I know, I know. I love them all. They are all awesome in their own way. Some I have nitpicks about, some I don't. This one? Not a single nitpick. It is perfect in every way. Lean … Continue reading Cathe Live: Lean Lower Body