Cathe Live: Totally Toned Legs

Holy $hit. This workout was brutal. I did not expect this workout to be so effing hard when I decided to try it. In fact, I had some mixed feelings about it. After watching the video clip, I didn't even really know if I was interested in it or not then decided--what the heck. I … Continue reading Cathe Live: Totally Toned Legs

Cathe Live: Bootcamp Blast Off

Bootcamp Blast Off is a fun total body cardio + strength workout.  It is set up in 7 rounds; each round consists of cardio, compound/metabolic strength, lower body strength and upper body strength. Though Cathe does point out a few times that you are hitting every muscle in the body--that's not really true. The back … Continue reading Cathe Live: Bootcamp Blast Off

Cathe Live: Lift it Hiit It Legs

This workout has been on my "To Do" list since I signed up for Cathe Live, but I decided this was the perfect time to do it. I am the middle of a Ripped w/ HIIT & Gym Styles rotation, and I am doing the DVD version of this workout every other week. So it … Continue reading Cathe Live: Lift it Hiit It Legs

Cathe Live: You Can Do Anything for a Minute

You Can Do Anything for a Minute is one of Cathe's newer live workouts. I was intrigued by the video clip so I shifted things around in my rotation to fit it in. And I am glad I did! It is a great cardio + strength total body workout. I got an excellent workout. But … Continue reading Cathe Live: You Can Do Anything for a Minute

Cathe Live: Fit ‘N’ Firm

Fit 'N' Firm is a total body metabolic strength workout. It is a very good workout but for some reason I didn't love it as much as I love most of Cathe's other Cathe Live workouts. However, I did feel thoroughly worked out. Though it is total body, I feel it hits the upper body much harder … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit ‘N’ Firm

Cathe Live: High Intensity Cardio Step

I found this Cathe Live workout very tough this morning. I gave blood yesterday and didn't feel well afterward. Then this morning, I did Ripped with HIIT Lift It Hit It Chest, Shoulders & Triceps. I finished my workout off w/ High Intensity Cardio Step. And I struggled. So there was a lot going on--I … Continue reading Cathe Live: High Intensity Cardio Step

Cathe Live: Blast, Barre & Bands

Blast, Barre & Bands is another unique live workout that you will not find anything quite like it on DVD. I didn't know what to expect when coming to it, but ended up loving it. First, the warm up seemed shorter than most Cathe Live workouts (and it is a bit shorter, but not by … Continue reading Cathe Live: Blast, Barre & Bands

Popsugar: 10 Minute At-Home Cardio Sweat

Popsugar Fitness has a lot of free workouts on YouTube. They are all of varying lengths: 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and even a few 40 minute workouts. I was pretty excited to discover that I can easily access these via my Apple TV. Due to their lengths, they are the perfect "add ons" to finish … Continue reading Popsugar: 10 Minute At-Home Cardio Sweat

Cathe Live: Step HIIT + Upper Body Weights

Step HIIT + Upper Body Weights is the second Cathe Live that Cathe created and this one was done much better than Kickbox Bootcamp (the first Cathe Live Cathe created)--which is a great workout but full of problems, IMHO. On the Cathe Live site this is just listed as Step HIIT; however, on her forum she … Continue reading Cathe Live: Step HIIT + Upper Body Weights

Cathe Live: Lower Body Burn

Lower Body Burn is an intense lower body workout that fried my lower body. Excellent and fast paced workout. There is some cardio, lots of metabolic work so you are burning calories along with frying your lower body muscles. It starts with a long warm up, moves into cardio, then weighted strength training that is … Continue reading Cathe Live: Lower Body Burn