Popsugar: Metabolism Boosting Workout

This was a surprisingly intense little metabolic workout from Popsugar and Anna Renderer! And only 20 minutes long. I was very impressed. It has another title (it flashes across the screen at the very beginning) of Cardio Strength Metabolic Mash Up, which is also appropriate. I used it this morning as a "warm up" before … Continue reading Popsugar: Metabolism Boosting Workout

Popsugar: Squat & Plank Challenge

Squat & Plank Challenge is a fun little 10 minute workout from Popsugar. It is led by Anna Renderer. As usual, I used it as an add on/finisher to a Cathe Live workout. It is not terribly challenging to be honest. It is bodyweight training but none of the moves are hard or complicated. But I … Continue reading Popsugar: Squat & Plank Challenge

Popsugar: Bikini HIIT workout

Bikini HIIT is a fun little 20 minute workout from Popsugar, led by Anna Renderer. I really liked this workout a lot. It was an excellent finisher to the total body strength workout I had just completed. However, what bothers me to no end is the liberal use of the acronym "HIIT" by trainers. This is … Continue reading Popsugar: Bikini HIIT workout

Cathe Live: Push Pull Total Body

Another excellent total body strength workout from Cathe. I prepped for this one! I did the DVD version of Push Pull on Tuesday. I love Push Pull, always have. It is not advanced but if you use heavy enough weights, you are getting an excellent and thorough total body workout. And in only 44 minutes. … Continue reading Cathe Live: Push Pull Total Body

Stylecraze Fitness: HIIT Upper Body Workout

This workout is led by Dr. Sneha Desu, a medical doctor and fitness instructor. She created four 25-30 minute workouts specifically for women to do at home and this is one of them. I really liked it a lot and plan to do (and review) her other 3 workouts. This is a HIIT workout adaptable … Continue reading Stylecraze Fitness: HIIT Upper Body Workout

Popsugar: 15 Minute Bootcamp Workout

This is a fun little bootcamp workout from Popsugar and Anna Renderer. It's not super intense or super advanced, but for 15 minutes I really liked it. It works well as an add-on finisher workout to round out any workout. I pretty much liked every exercise in this workout--including the warm up and cool down … Continue reading Popsugar: 15 Minute Bootcamp Workout

Cathe Live: Cardio Core Circuit

Cardio Core Circuit is one of Cathe's Live workouts that is based on one of her DVD workouts. I am trying to prep for these better than I have in the past. So a few days ago I did the DVD version of this workout for comparison's sake. I actually haven't done the DVD version in a while … Continue reading Cathe Live: Cardio Core Circuit

The Booty Barre: Total New Body

Another exhausting workout by Tracey Mallett! I have had this one on my shelf for a month or so but after doing F.I.T. I had to give this one a try. This one is different than her F.I.T. workout. F.I.T. was "functional total body conditioning alternated with cardio athletic drills." This workout is a barre … Continue reading The Booty Barre: Total New Body

Livestrong Woman: Open Hips Routine

This is the other Livestrong Woman yoga routine I did this morning. It was also led by Tara Stiles so I got 20 minutes of Tara's yoga. And what's not enticing about a yoga routine to open your hips? I had just finished Tara's Flexibility Flow so I was afraid this one would also have … Continue reading Livestrong Woman: Open Hips Routine

Livestrong Woman: Flexibility Flow

Tara Stiles leads quite a few little yoga workouts on Livestrong Woman. I previewed them and really liked the look of them so several went onto my playlist. This morning I did my first two. Flexibility Flow is a very dynamic yoga routine. It contained mostly basic yoga moves with a focus on flexibility. Some … Continue reading Livestrong Woman: Flexibility Flow