Cathe Live: Cardio Circuit Mash Up

Cardio Circuit Mash Up is a metabolic cardio workout. It was a pretty intense little workout and I really enjoyed it. It appears that the structure of this workout was supposed to be cardio exercises alternated with strength exercises but as the workout progresses Cathe forgets to do some of the strength exercises so it … Continue reading Cathe Live: Cardio Circuit Mash Up

Cathe Live: Ramped Up Cardio & Weights

It's been a while since I've done a new Cathe Live. I am still doing Cathe Live workouts, but they are ones I've already done and I know in advance what weights to use. However, I do loveĀ Cathe's cardio + strength workouts. I've done all of her Cathe Live ones that are total body workouts … Continue reading Cathe Live: Ramped Up Cardio & Weights

10 Minute Body Transformation

10 Minute Body Transformation is the latest collection of workouts on DVD by Jillian Michaels. This one is a little different from her other workouts. It contains 5 approximately 10 minute workouts, plus a separate warm up andĀ  cool down that you can add onto the workout(s). I really, really loved this DVD. I've only … Continue reading 10 Minute Body Transformation

Boot Camp Body Blast

Boot Camp Body Blast is a new workout by Cathe Friedrich. Unlike her other workouts, it was not produced by her and it is not sold by her. It is sold through IDEA, a health and fitness association. They had a conference this year and Cathe taught a class to other trainers to teach them … Continue reading Boot Camp Body Blast

Bikini Body: Bootylicious

I am now a big fan of Tracey Mallett. After doing the fabulous F.I.T. and The Booty Barre: Total New Body, she is filling up my wishlist. Her workouts are hard, effective and she brings such a warm and personable presence to her workouts. She is encouraging and likable and I just love doing workouts … Continue reading Bikini Body: Bootylicious