Evolution 20

Evolution 20 is an 8 week fitness program created by Christine Bullock. It consists of 10 twenty minute workouts and one 10 minute core workout. These are broken down into two phases. Phase 1 is 4 weeks long and you do 5 of the 20 minute workouts. In Phase 2 you do the other five … Continue reading Evolution 20

Cathe Live: Boxing HIIT Blasts & Core

Boxing HIIT Blasts & Core is an intense little live cardio workout! I really enjoyed it. Though it contains a lot of familiar Cathe moves, I feel like in this workout, she put things together differently. Hard to explain but it did feel different. The cardio boxing was intense, the HIIT was intense and I … Continue reading Cathe Live: Boxing HIIT Blasts & Core

Simply Circuit

Simply Circuit is a cardio + strength workout, and the strength work is all upper body focused. Those types of workouts are hard to come by so as soon as I read that this was upper body focused, I bought it! I got this workout on sale on Gin Miller's website a while ago--and it … Continue reading Simply Circuit

Cathe Live: Sweat, Jump & Pump

Another tough and awesome cardio + strength workout from Cathe Live. This one really wore me out! Excellent total body strength training plus intense HIIT level cardio. I loved it! She calls it "random" training, I guess because there is no pattern to the strength and cardio intervals. It moves pretty quickly, too. And Cathe … Continue reading Cathe Live: Sweat, Jump & Pump

Cathe Live: Cardio Boxing + Plyo Legs

Cardio Boxing + Plyo Legs is a great little cardio workout. I really enjoyed it. It starts out with cardio boxing. In fact, the first 22:30 minutes of the workout, including the warm up is cardio boxing. After the warm up it goes into Cathe's familiar boxing drills/combos alternated with more intense cardio blasts. The … Continue reading Cathe Live: Cardio Boxing + Plyo Legs

Hard Work Conditioning 24/7

Hard Work Conditioning 24/7 is the 3rd Hard Work Conditioning workout by Patrick Goudeau. Patrick is the master of metabolic strength training and this is another excellent addition to his collection. It is called 24/7 because he has it set up so you can use this workout every day in different ways. In fact, the … Continue reading Hard Work Conditioning 24/7

A-Team Boot Camp

A-Team Boot Camp is a cardio + strength circuit workout by Amy Bento. I have had this DVD for a long time. I keep meaning to do it but it would get swapped with other workouts--usually Cathe Live. But I finally decided today to do it. On the back of the DVD it is rated … Continue reading A-Team Boot Camp