30 Minutes to Fitness: Meltdown

More workouts from Kelly Coffey-Meyer! These are of course auto-buys for me and I pre-ordered them as soon as she announced them. I received them on Saturday and restructured my week to do them. She produced two DVDs in her 30 Minutes to Fitness series and this is the first one I sampled: Meltdown. The … Continue reading 30 Minutes to Fitness: Meltdown

Cathe Live: Total Body Band & Glide

Total Body Band & GlideĀ is an interesting Live workout. It is a total body workout using only a resistance band and sliding disks. It is a pretty good workout. I did enjoy it. Not your usual strength training, but a nice departure from the norm. A good way to mix things up. Personally, I prefer … Continue reading Cathe Live: Total Body Band & Glide

Get Your Body Back

Get Your Body Back is another Tracey Mallett workout. The theme of this workout is to "lose the baby fat"--but trust me, this workout is not just for new moms. This workout is excellent for anyone. There are a lot of ways you can approach this workout. If you are new to exercise for any … Continue reading Get Your Body Back

Get Ripped Express

Jari Love is pretty much an auto-buy for me, even tho I do not do her workouts as often as I used to. I still hoard them all and return to them from time to time (even tho I always have big plans to do them more frequently when I buy them--but I just naturally … Continue reading Get Ripped Express

Cathe Live: Legs on Fire

Legs on Fire is another excellent and tough Cathe Live lower body workout. I really loved this one. However, I had some challenges with this one. I tried to do this workout several times and it kept freezing on me--on different days too. Buffering issues. I was able to do other Cathe Live workouts but … Continue reading Cathe Live: Legs on Fire

Killer Abs

Killer Abs is part of Jillian Michaels "Killer" series. She has 3 other DVDs in this series: Killer Body, Killer Arms & Back and Killer Buns & Glutes. This DVD contains three 30 minute workouts. And like all of Jillian's workouts she has a beginner modifier and also shows how to make the workouts more … Continue reading Killer Abs

Cathe Live: Bun Burners, Barre & Ball

Bun Burners, Barre & Ball is great workout. This is the workout you want when you want to fry your lower body but with hardly any equipment. No workout cards or weights to keep track of, but your buns will still be burning by the time this workout is over. I loved it. This workout … Continue reading Cathe Live: Bun Burners, Barre & Ball

Cathe Live: ICE Total Body Compound

ICE Total Body Compound is a Cathe Live workout based on the ICE series workout Metabolic Total Body. It was a great workout and I loved it, just like I love the DVD version. However, I do not think it is as intense as the DVD version. As I mentioned in the Shock Circuit review, … Continue reading Cathe Live: ICE Total Body Compound

Cathe Live: Shock Circuit

Shock Circuit is a great little Cathe Live cardio + strength workout. I actually like it a lot but it will take doing it a few times to get my weights right. First, let me share that I did it on a Saturday (today)--so that is a longer workout day for me. I workout an … Continue reading Cathe Live: Shock Circuit

6 Minute Quick Blast Method-Total Body Calorie Blast

Another workout by Tracey Mallett. I just keep buying them! This one is different from her others that I've done so far. Just like the title says (6 Minute Quick Blast Method), this workout is made up of seven 6 minute segments plus a warm up and cool down. You can take these seven segments … Continue reading 6 Minute Quick Blast Method-Total Body Calorie Blast