You Are Your Own Gym Volume 2 (YAYOG-2)

Mark Lauren came out with another body weight strength training program based on his book You Are Your Own Gym (YAYOG). I love everything Mark Lauren creates so I snapped this up as soon as I saw it. Volume 2 is set up just like his first DVD YAYOG program. The program has 3 levels: … Continue reading You Are Your Own Gym Volume 2 (YAYOG-2)


Black Fire

I remember when Bob Harper first announced┬áthe Black Fire fitness┬áprogram. I was so excited! Then I found out it would not be offered on DVD. You have to subscribe to Daily Burn and stream it. I was not only very disappointed but I assumed I would never try it unless it was eventually put on … Continue reading Black Fire

The Booty Barre : Beginner’s & Beyond

I'm a big fan of Tracey Mallett's workouts but I put off purchasing this one because of the subtitle: Beginners & Beyond. I am not advanced in the barre realm but I also don't want a beginner workout. But the more I read about it the more I decided I might like it anyway. The … Continue reading The Booty Barre : Beginner’s & Beyond

Metabolic DVD Rotation

Here is a second┬ámetabolic rotation but this time I went with the DVD only structure since many people do not want to subscribe to Cathe Live. I went into a lot more detail about my purpose in creating a metabolic rotation in the intro to the metabolic rotation that includes Cathe Live workouts so I … Continue reading Metabolic DVD Rotation

Lose the Belly Flab

Lose the Belly Flab is another new-to-me workout by Tracey Mallet. I decided to get this one because she mentioned it in Get Your Body Back. She tells you to use the two workouts together. So I checked this one out and though it is core focused it also has lower body work, so I … Continue reading Lose the Belly Flab

Metabolic Rotation (DVDs + Cathe Live)

This is a rotation I have been planning to create and do for a very long time but the concept was overwhelming, considering all of the workouts I own. I have a lot of excellent ones. And then there is Cathe Live which is full of excellent metabolic workouts! The object of this rotation is … Continue reading Metabolic Rotation (DVDs + Cathe Live)