Cathe Live Rotation #3

Cathe has come out with some really awesome live workouts recently so I thought it was time for another Cathe Live workout rotation. This rotation is made up of primarily Cathe's newer live workouts (newer than the workouts in my previous Cathe Live rotations, that is) but there are also some workouts that appeared in … Continue reading Cathe Live Rotation #3

Cathe Live: Legs w/ Weights & Barre

Legs w/ Weights & Barre is a Live workout I somehow missed. Not sure how--but thanks to a Cathe forum friend, I did not overlook it! This a great metabolic lower body workout. It is deceiving, too. I created my workout card in advance and was surprised that Cathe used 10 pound dumbbells for everything. … Continue reading Cathe Live: Legs w/ Weights & Barre

Cathe Live: Warrior Kickboxing

What an excellent kickboxing workout! Cathe has a lot of Live cardio kickboxing workouts and they are all good--but this one might be the best she has done live. It is set up in her normal cardio kickboxing fashion: kickboxing combos and drills alternated with cardio blasts. However, what is different from most of Cathe's … Continue reading Cathe Live: Warrior Kickboxing

Cathe Live: Quick Fix Cardio

Quick Fix Cardio is a short but intense little cardio workout from Cathe Live. I really enjoyed this workout. She starts out fast, too. There is no pause between the end of the warm up and your first exercise--snowboarders. And since you do 4 sets of snowboarders, she immediately burned my legs out. So I … Continue reading Cathe Live: Quick Fix Cardio

Cathe Live: Step Blasts + Weights

Step Blasts + Weights is another excellent total body strength + cardio live workout. It is intense but none of the cardio blasts are crazy HIIT-level plyometrics. But everything builds. The cardio is intense enough to really elevate your heart rate then Cathe usually follows the cardio with metabolic strength work--keeping your heart rate elevated … Continue reading Cathe Live: Step Blasts + Weights

Cathe Live: Cardio Core Blast

Cardio Core Blast is another excellent cardio workout in the tradition of Cathe's DVD Cardio Core Circuit (the other Live workout based on CCC is also called Cardio Core Circuit). Though set up in the same manner as the other two, it is different from both and I really enjoyed it. In fact, I love how Cathe … Continue reading Cathe Live: Cardio Core Blast

Cathe Live: Fit Body Boot Camp

This week has been (and still is through the end of the week) Cathe Live catch up for me--and there have been a lot of bootcamp workouts! But that's okay because I love bootcamp workouts. Especially Cathe's. This one is a cardio + strength bootcamp workout. It is set up in 8 rounds. Each round … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Body Boot Camp

Cathe Live: Lower Body Bootcamp

Wow--this was an excellent, fast paced lower body workout. Very metabolic. It's counter-part is Live Upper Body Bootcamp. Both workouts are made up of strength circuits that end with a core move. And they work very well together. Do them on consecutive days and you will work every muscle in your body. Lower Body Bootcamp … Continue reading Cathe Live: Lower Body Bootcamp

Cathe Live: Upper Body Boot Camp

I was excited to try Cathe's two newest Live bootcamp workouts--this one, Upper Body Bootcamp, and Lower Body Bootcamp, which I will be doing tomorrow. From the previews, they look pretty comprehensive. Having done Upper Body I can say it is a very fast-paced workout, so you are getting your heart rate up while doing it. Not … Continue reading Cathe Live: Upper Body Boot Camp

Cathe Live: Love Those Legs

I've been so focused on Cathe's Workout Blender that I've been neglecting Cathe Live, but I decided this week, I would play catch-up with Cathe's newest Live workouts. This morning I started with Love Those Legs. It is a short but great little workout. I like this workout for several reasons. First, it is a very good … Continue reading Cathe Live: Love Those Legs