All About Legs

All About Legs is a collection of 4 short workouts that each work your lower body using various equipment--medicine ball, stability ball, step + resistance tube and sliding disks. Each segment can be used alone since they all start with an easy move that functions as a warm up and they all end with a short stretch. … Continue reading All About Legs


Gliding Extreme

Just as the title implies this is an extreme workout. It is advanced and it is tough. BTW--I loved it. Excellent, excellent workout from Mindy Mylrea. Gliding Extreme is set outside in a meadow. There is a large round platform set in the grass and Mindy does all of her sliding on this platform. It's just Mindy--no … Continue reading Gliding Extreme

Total Body Double G Workout

Finally! Another Mindy Mylrea workout I enjoyed! I was disappointed in her last two that I tried and was starting to worry. This is another of the many Mindy workouts I got at her $3.99 sale. The big draw of that sale for me was her medicine ball and gliding disk workouts and, since this one combined … Continue reading Total Body Double G Workout

Barlates: Weekend Recovery Stretch

Barlates Weekend Recovery Stretch is wonderful. Usually everything Linda Wooldridge creates is difficult and often painful--even her "yoga" workouts. This workout however is full of deep wonderful stretching and I loved it. Zero pain. She even uses a heavy dumbbell to increase the depth of some of the stretches. I did this workout after her … Continue reading Barlates: Weekend Recovery Stretch

Barlates: Resista-Barre Total Body Workout

Resista-Barre is a collection of cardio and toning segments created by Linda Wooldridge. All of the segments can be done together for a 95 minute total body workout or you can pick and choose from the chapter menu or do one of the 4 premixes. Every segment on this DVD uses either a resistance loop … Continue reading Barlates: Resista-Barre Total Body Workout

Barlates: Quick Fix Total Body Weights

Quick Fix Total Body Weights is part of Linda Wooldridge‘s Quick Fix Series. It is free on YouTube but you can also purchase it on her Quick Fix Series DVD w/ 3 other workouts (two have already been reviewed here: Total Body Weight and Quick Fix Ballet Box). Linda also has this entire series saved into a YouTube … Continue reading Barlates: Quick Fix Total Body Weights

Awesome Intervals

Awesome Intervals is another workout DVD that I got at Mindy Mylrea's $3.99 sale and it was another disappointment. During the warm up I nearly turned the thing off and stuck in Cathe's Cross Fire (always my go-to workout if another workout doesn't work out for me). The step choreography for the warm up was immediately … Continue reading Awesome Intervals

Med Ball Madness

Med Ball Madness is one of the many workouts I bought at Mindy Mylrea's one day $3.99 sale. And I am glad I didn't pay more for it. I was not impressed with this one. Which really disappointed me. I bought quite a few of her workouts that use a medicine ball at her sale … Continue reading Med Ball Madness

Barlates: Quick Fix Total Body Weight Workout

Total Body Weight Workout is part of Linda Wooldridge's Quick Fix Series. It is free on YouTube but you can also purchase it on her Quick Fix Series DVD w/ 3 other workouts (one has already been reviewed here: Quick Fix Ballet Box). Linda also has this entire series saved into a YouTube Quick Fix … Continue reading Barlates: Quick Fix Total Body Weight Workout

JessicaSmithTV: HIIT Mash Up

HIIT Mash Up is a 61 minute workout from Jessica Smith--and it is free on YouTube. Though this workout is intense and worked me hard, I don't know that it deserves "HIIT" in the title. My heart rate never peaked but it did get my heart rate up into the cardio zone and kept it … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: HIIT Mash Up