Barlates: Cardio Sculpt Fusion Series

Cardio Sculpt Fusion Series contains four 30 minute workouts: ABC Workout, Cardio Sculpt Fat Burn, Cardio Barre Sculpt and Cardio Fat Burn. As you can see, I have linked to 3 of the workouts on this DVD. That is because all of the workouts except ABC Workout are available for free on YouTube. I have already done them and reviewed them. I was on the fence about buying this DVD for a long time but then saw Linda’s Barlates Box Set Cardio Sculpt Fusion. What I really wanted was her Barre Bootcamp Series. I already owned her Sweat Series and had been on the fence about Cardio Sculpt Fusion Series. At that time, the only way I could see to get the Barre Bootcamp Series was through this box set, so I gave my Sweat Series DVD to my daughter and bought it. To make a long story short, this DVD (Cardio Sculpt Fusion Series) is available two ways–in the DVD pictured and linked to multiple times in this paragraph, or in the box set. Or you can just do 3 of the workouts for free on YouTube and not bother with the 4th workout ABC Workout. But you’re missing out! ABC Workout is awesome! ABC Workout and Cardio Barre Sculpt are my two favorite workouts on this DVD.

Since I have already reviewed the other 3 workouts on this blog, I am starting this review with ABC Workout, the only one I haven’t previously reviewed. Below that, I will post somewhat abbreviated versions of the reviews for the other 3 workouts contained on this DVD.

ABC Workout is 32 minutes long (on the DVD it is labeled as a 28 minutes, but that is incorrect); no warm up and 3:30 minute stretch. ABC stands for Abs, Butt and Core. So you start with an arm exercise, layer on a butt exercise and finish with a core exercise. Linda uses 1 pound hand weights and I used 3 pound hand weights. Here is a video clip. This workout was very tough and very awesome. I loved it. It does exactly what the title indicates–works your arms, glutes and core hard. It has some very unique and challenging–but doable–compound exercises.

  1. Lift arms/DBs straight in front of you, pull DBs back to shoulders, rotate arms into goal post then overhead press–reverse this until arms are back at sides; changes to just front raises while alternating raising straight legs behind you; stand on one leg and bring other leg out behind you, bend knee, bringing knee in beside your body while bending same side elbow back to meet knee, do 4 on each side of body
  2. Open arms wide and cross DBs in front of body then open arms wide again (so cross-cross open); add glute raise (raising one leg straight behind you) to same pattern as arms (pulse, pulse, lift higher w/ brief hold)
  3. Lower into side lunge and hold while same side arm as bent leg does fast bicep curls crossing to opposite shoulder then to outside of body; remain in side lunge and pulse while doing a one arm upper cut; changes to 4 pulses w/ upper cut + 4 twists side to side while in side lunge; repeat on other side of body
  4. Get on all 4s holding DB in one hand, do 2 tricep kickbacks + 2 straight arm tricep lifts; add kicking same side leg out behind you; changes to bringing elbow to knee underneath body then elbow to knee on outside of body; repeat on other side of body
  5. Still on hands and knees, holding one DB, lift straight arm out to side 2x (pinky toward ceiling) + straight arm raise in front of you 2x; changes to just lifting arm to side while pushing opposite leg out behind you; changes to bringing elbow to knee under body, pushing leg and arm out straight then airplaning them both out to the sides of body, alternate these two moves; repeat on other side of body

Cardio Sculpt Fat Burn is 36:30 minutes long. 30 second intro, 3 minute warm up and 4 minute cool down/stretch. Equipment needed: medium dumbbells. Linda used one set of 8 pound dumbbells. I used 8-15 pound dumbbells. Listed below are the weights I used for each exercise. For the cardio segments Linda teaches it add on style. So you do a move, then do another move then you add the two moves together into a combo. Then she keeps adding on to the combo in that manner. For more about this workout, here is the original review of the YouTube version.

  1. Cardio: hopping lunge reaching side-to-side; add knee pull; changes to bouncing side steps; changes to chasse; add 3 point toe taps w/ hops; changes to alternating hopping knee lifts; add cross back lunge and 3 point toe taps; changes to jog in place; alternate jogging w/ hopping knee lifts; go back to the beginning of this series and repeat everything
  2. Strength: Dealifts (15# DBs); add overhead press (15# DBs); just overhead presses (10# DBs); add arching side raises after 3 overhead presses (8# DBs)
  3. Strength: Bent arm lateral raises (8# DBs)
  4. Strength: DB swings (swing DBs from between legs and pivot to side/overhead; alternate sides) (8# DBs)
  5. Cardio: Side steps moving forward and back; changes to hops/skip (she calls them “scoops” I think); add hamstring pulls (she calls them butt kicks); grapevines w/ punch; cardio segment ends hopping lunges side to side w/ punches
  6. Strength: Curtsy lunges; add tricep kickbacks; forward leaning tricep kickbacks; repeat curtsy lunge and tricep kickback on other leg; forward leaning tricep kickbacks (8# DBs)
  7. Strength: Reverse lunges w/ hammer curls (12# DBs)
  8. Strength: Traditional bicep curls alternate w/ wide biceps curls while in static lunge (10# DBs)
  9. Strength: Deadrows; ends w/ bent over rows (15# DBs)

Cardio Barre Sculpt is 29 minutes long; 40 second intro, no warm up and 1 minute stretch. Equipment: set of light dumbbells (Linda uses 1kg or 2 pounds) and a firewalker loop. I used 3 pound dumbbells. She starts with the loop around her ankles. For more about this workout, here is the original review of the YouTube version.

  1. Squat w/ bicep curl; arms change to fast alternating bicep curls; raise onto your toes and continue to squat but return to slower bicep curls
  2. Step side to side w/ bent arm side raises; put all your weight on one leg and tap other leg in and out to side while doing bent arm side raises fast; slow down and lift leg to side; repeat the fast taps and slow raises on other leg
  3. Tricep kick backs while tapping feet behind you; changes to pumping the arms fast while tapping on foot back fast; change to standing on one leg and pushing other leg back while doing slower tricep kickbacks again
  4. Repeat #3 but have your palms facing behind you and do the one leg moves on other leg
  5. Tap heels forward while scoop-pressing arms upward; changes to tapping forward with one leg faster (same arms); changes to standing on one leg and pushing leg in and out–still scooping arms but slower; repeat the fast taps and slow one-leg push outs on other leg
  6. Alternating curtsy lunges w/ rear flys;  changes to static curtsy lunges on one side w/ faster rear flys; changes to slower curtsy lunges while raising back leg when you push up (same arms but done slower); repeat both the fast and slow curtsy lunges on other leg
  7. Move loop up to thighs, legs together, heels together, toes turned out; in this position do plie squats (keeping heels together) w/chest press arms; changes to fast plie squats while holding DBs together in front of face while opening and closing elbows fast; changes to raising up onto heels and holding static plie squat while pumping arms up and down (arms bent in front of face, pushing DBs toward ceiling)

Cardio Fat Burn is 32 minutes long; not sure if there is a warm up but it does build in intensity with the first few minutes being pretty easy/low intensity. It ends with a 3 minute stretch. This is a pure, steady state cardio workout so I will not break this workout down. It is not a low impact workout, but neither is it high impact. No plyometrics but there is jumping. This workout contains a lot of basic aerobic type moves–grapevines, hamstring curls, pendulum legs, skip variations but nothing complicated. There are jumping jacks, scissor jacks, some punching drills, some kick drills. I got a good cardio workout and I enjoyed it. In the future, to increase intensity, I will wear my 2 pound weighted gloves.

For this workout, I had my own music playing. That definitely made a difference! If I hadn’t been playing my own music, I  don’t think I would have liked this workout as much. The music in the workout wasn’t very loud and it was also not driving cardio music–at least not the kind of music I need for cardio. So it wouldn’t have motivated me to put more effort into this workout. That’s what happened with Cardio Sculpt Fat Burn. The music didn’t drive the workout. I will note that, when using your own music, it sometimes makes it awkward to keep in time with Linda–especially when the beat of your music makes you want to keep a different pace. Not sure how to remedy that but it didn’t cause a big problem. Sometimes I just used my music tempo and was a little off time with Linda. Other times everything synced. For more about this workout, here is the original review of the YouTube version.





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