Step Cardio Blasts/Biceps

Step Cardio Blast/Biceps is an all step cardio workout with a 5 minute bicep strength bonus at the very end (almost like a cool down before the stretch). Just like all of Yvette Bachman's workouts, I really enjoyed this. There is no complicated step choreography. Everything is easy to perform but it is a great … Continue reading Step Cardio Blasts/Biceps

Step/Heavy Weights/Core Circuits

Step/Heavy Weights/Core Circuits is another awesome cardio + strength circuit workout from Yvette Bachman. In fact, it is very similar to┬áher circuit workout that I did yesterday: Moderate Impact & Heavy Weights. In fact, today's workout worked my chest and triceps and yesterday's workout worked my biceps, upper back and shoulders. So they work together … Continue reading Step/Heavy Weights/Core Circuits

Moderate Impact & Heavy Weights

Moderate Impact & Heavy Weights is another excellent workout from Yvette Bachman. This is a circuit based cardio + strength workout. Each circuit contains 1 minute cardio followed by 8-12 reps of strength training followed by 30 seconds of core. You keep repeating that circuit the entire workout until the very end in which you … Continue reading Moderate Impact & Heavy Weights

Gentle Yoga for Back Pain

Gentle Yoga for Back Pain Relief & Prevention contains two 30 minute yoga workouts by Jessica Smith. The routines were designed in conjunction with a back pain specialist. The first yoga routine is a very gentle but thorough stretching routine. Though the focus is on your spine, Jessica stretches out everything--upper and lower body. The … Continue reading Gentle Yoga for Back Pain

HIIT, Cardio Core, Weights and Bosu ball

HIIT, Cardio Core, Weights and Bosu Ball was a super intense workout from Yvette Bachman. I was really working hard during this workout and I was worn out by the end of it! I was inspired by the fact that Yvette wears weighted gloves in just about every one of her workouts--making them even more … Continue reading HIIT, Cardio Core, Weights and Bosu ball

Fit Split

Fit Split is Cathe's newest fitness program, similar to her 4 Day Split and Cross Train Express programs. Fit Split contains 4 workouts. Each workout is part cardio, part strength. It also contains a bonus core workout and lots of premixes so you can approach these workouts in different ways. The workouts are not sold … Continue reading Fit Split

10 Pounds Down: Cardio Abs

10 Pounds Down: Cardio Abs is a collection of 3 short workouts and a tabata bonus from Jessica Smith. There is a 2:15 minute intro in which Jessica talks about how gadgets and crunches are not the secret to flat abs. Cardio, strength training and a healthy diet are needed to reduce body fat. And … Continue reading 10 Pounds Down: Cardio Abs

JessicaSmithTV: Flow-Yo

Flow-Yo is a nice flowing yoga routine from Jessica Smith. It is one of her free YouTube workouts. I thought I had done all of her YouTube yoga workouts then ran across this one. So I, of course, had to give this a try. It is a very active yoga routine. You don't hold any … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Flow-Yo

Barlates: Bosu Total Body Fusion

I got a Bosu Ball for Christmas! I got it primarily for Yvette Bachman workouts but once I owned it, no reason not to find other workouts I can use it with. And since I am already a big fan of Linda Wooldridge's Barlates workouts, I was thrilled to see she had a whole DVD … Continue reading Barlates: Bosu Total Body Fusion

HIIT, Cardio Step/Circuit Heavy Weights

HIIT, Cardio Step/Circuit Heavy Weights is yet another excellent, fun and effective workout from Yvette Bachman. It is one of her longer ones (69 minutes) but it is done in sections so it can easily be shortened and used for my weekday morning workout (Yay!). After the warm up, the first part of the workout … Continue reading HIIT, Cardio Step/Circuit Heavy Weights