Walk On: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan

Walk On: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan is a workout program from Jessica Smith for beginners. Because I am currently undergoing chemo, I purchased quite a few of Jessica's Walk On DVDs/programs. I need workouts at this level on hand to get me through the rough days during chemo. And this program worked perfectly for that. Though I … Continue reading Walk On: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan


Barlates: Barre Basics Series

Barre Basics is part of a series Linda Wooldridge created. There are 3 disks and each disk contains 4 workouts. Barre Basics, Barre Intermediate and Barre Advanced. They are sold separately or you can buy all 3, which is what I did. I got the full series from Total Fitness DVDs. Their titles make the … Continue reading Barlates: Barre Basics Series

Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles

Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles consists of 5 approximately 15 minute cardio walking workouts from Jessica Smith. It also includes a warm up, a cool down and two 15 minute bonus conditioning workouts. There is also a 2:30 minute intro. In the intro Jessica summarizes each of the different workouts and how to use … Continue reading Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles

JessicaSmithTV: Strong Stretch

Every time I think I have done all of Jessica Smith's YouTube yoga and stretch routines I run across another one. I recently stumbled across Strong Stretch, which was posted 4 years ago. I am not sure how I missed it. The title apparently signifies that you are stretching to work out muscle soreness and … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Strong Stretch

Barlates: HIIT Barre

HIIT Barre is another tough but excellent workout from Linda Wooldridge and it is free on YouTube. I have really been enjoying her new Beginner Intervals workouts but I also have always loved her barre HIIT workouts (Mix & Match HIIT, Barre Kettlebell HIIT, Sweat Series, Full Body HIIT Series--and those are just the ones … Continue reading Barlates: HIIT Barre

Barlates: Beginner Intervals: Old School Aerobics

Linda Wooldridge just released another Beginner Intervals workout and I couldn't wait to try this one! I found Old School Aerobics more intense than her other two Beginner Intervals workouts (Compound Moves and Cardio Sculpt). I love all 3 of them but this one is definitely my favorite of the 3 and actually had me … Continue reading Barlates: Beginner Intervals: Old School Aerobics

JessicaSmithTV: Barefoot Fusion Walk

Barefoot Fusion Walk is a low impact cardio workout that "combines walking with some dance and pilates inspired movement" from Jessica Smith. I have been doing a lot of Jessica's free YouTube walking workouts lately and so far, this one is the most intense. It is a moderate intensity workout but it definitely got my … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Barefoot Fusion Walk

Barlates: Long Lever Upper & Lower

This was an excellent total body barre workout using light weights. The only muscle group not touched is your back. Linda Wooldridge offers this workout free on YouTube. When the workout begins, the intro/title screen says "Glute Bridge on the Ball" but it is actually Long Lever Upper & Lower, as labeled--so don't worry! You … Continue reading Barlates: Long Lever Upper & Lower