Drop it in 30!

Drop it in 30! is another workout DVD I purchased to help me rehabilitate after my heels were crushed 10 years ago. It is led by Chris Freytag and contains two 20 minute cardio workouts. There is also a warm up and cool down so you can do it as two nearly 30 minute workouts … Continue reading Drop it in 30!


2-Week Turnaround: Strength

2-Week Turnaround: Strength contains three approx. 15 minute workouts and a 6 minute stretch. These workouts are led by trainer Chris Freytag and she also wrote a book by this title. There is a 2:07 minute intro in which Chris gives an overview of the 2-week Turnaround program as well as the strength workouts on this … Continue reading 2-Week Turnaround: Strength

Body Fusion

Body Fusion is another of Cathe's easier workout DVDs that I bought after doing (and enjoying) Basic Step and High Step Circuit. This DVD contains one full length workout and 3 bonus add ons. Body Fusion is a total body cardio + strength circuit workout that alternates step combos with weight work. The bonus add … Continue reading Body Fusion

2-Week Turn Around: Cardio

Before my mastectomy I dug out some of the workouts I used while rehabilitating after my heels were crushed 10 years ago. The 2-Week Turn Around workouts were part of my rehab. There are two DVDs--a cardio and a strength DVD. Both DVDs contain multiple short workouts that you can do alone or put them … Continue reading 2-Week Turn Around: Cardio

Element: Yoga for Energy & Relaxation

I am a big fan of Ashley Turner's Element yoga workouts. A blog reader recommended Tamal Dodge's Element yoga workouts, saying they were even better than Ashley's. So I looked them over and stuck two of Tamal's Element DVDs on my Amazon wishlist. I finally got around to trying one and I am so glad … Continue reading Element: Yoga for Energy & Relaxation

Low Impact Step + Total Body Sculpting

After doing the two easy Cathe workouts I've had laying around for years (Basic Step and High Step Circuit) I decided to buy her other beginner level workouts that I'd seen but not bothered with. Cathe doesn't have a ton of beginner level workouts but she does have a few and now I own all … Continue reading Low Impact Step + Total Body Sculpting

Beginner’s Weight Loss Transformation

I bought Bob's Beginner's Weight Loss Transformation a long time ago--before I even started this blog. I was not a beginning exerciser back then but I was in the process of hoarding Bob Harper's workouts. I read the reviews of this workout and the consensus was that it was not a beginner workout. Bob's workouts are very … Continue reading Beginner’s Weight Loss Transformation

Walk On: Walk Off Belly Fat

Walk Off Belly Fat is part of Jessica Smith's Walk On series. On this DVD, Jessica has 3 workouts plus a warm up and a cool down. You can do everything individually or Jessica has a premix menu that combines some of the workouts and lists them by Days (Day 1-5) so you have your workout … Continue reading Walk On: Walk Off Belly Fat

Beginner Shred

Yet another workout DVD I never thought I would purchase--Jillian Michael's Beginner Shred. I love Jillian Michaels' workouts but they are too much for me right now, so I decided it was time to give this a try. This DVD consists of three approx. 25 minute workouts that become progressively harder, so Workout #1 is … Continue reading Beginner Shred

Barlates: Bodyweight Basics Lower

I thought, by the title (Bodyweight Basics Lower), this might be more my speed. I don't have a problem with Linda's Beginner Interval workouts right now, but her Endurance 90 Lower killed me. I thought--maybe this will be easier than Endurance 90 Lower. And it probably is easier. But chemo is really tearing me down … Continue reading Barlates: Bodyweight Basics Lower