The Firm: Jiggle Free Buns

Jiggle Free Buns is part of The Firm's TransFirmer system. It is led by Pam Cauthen Mariwether. Not counting Express Total Body Shaping, I always found Pam's workouts some of the tougher Firm workouts and this one is no exception. I recall this one and Super-Charged Sculpting from my Firm days and they both always managed … Continue reading The Firm: Jiggle Free Buns

The Firm: Jiggle Free Arms

Jiggle Free Arms is part of The Firm's TransFirmer system. It is led by Stephanie Huckabee. This is a great little cardio + strength upper body workout. The TransFirmer system came with 3 main workouts but you could also purchase 3 add ons--this workout, Jiggle Free Buns and Jiggle Free Abs. I, of course, bought them … Continue reading The Firm: Jiggle Free Arms

The Firm: Express Cardio

Express Cardio is part of The Firm's Firm Box series and is led by Stephanie Huckabee, another of my favorite Firm trainers, mostly because of her strength workout in this series: Total Muscle Shaping, which is one of my favorite Firm workouts, but also all of her other Firm workouts. Like Allie Del Rio, she … Continue reading The Firm: Express Cardio

The Firm: Total Muscle Shaping

Total Muscle Shaping is part of The Firm's Firm Box series. This workout is led by Stephanie Huckabee, another Firm trainer I liked a lot. This is a cardio + strength workout and I remember finding this one of the more challenging and advanced Firm workouts that I owned. I remember struggling through some of … Continue reading The Firm: Total Muscle Shaping

The Firm: Complete Body Sculpting

Complete Body Sculpting is one of the workouts that came with The Firm's Firm Box series. It is led by Christa Riley. I think this is the only workout that I own led by her, though she is a background exerciser in many Firm workouts. I always enjoyed this workout. It uses the Firm Box, … Continue reading The Firm: Complete Body Sculpting

3-2-1 Workout

3-2-1 Workout is another Prevention workout led by trainer Chris Freytag. 3-2-1 stands for how the circuits in this workout are structured: 3 minutes of cardio, 2 minutes of strength training and 1 minute of core work. It contains six approx. 6 minute circuits and between the six of them you are working all of the major … Continue reading 3-2-1 Workout

The Firm: Cardio Core Fusion

Cardio Core Fusion is part of The Firm's pink series--workouts that came after their Body Sculpting systems. It is led by Rebekah Sturkie, another one of my favorite Firm instructors. It came with two 2 pound weighted balls with straps called "cardio sculpting balls." I remember really enjoying this workout but I found the balls too … Continue reading The Firm: Cardio Core Fusion

Fight Cellulite Fast!

Fight Cellulite Fast! is another Prevention workout led by Chris Freytag. It contains a 37 minute cardio workout, a 17 minute lower body strength workout, plus a 4 minute warm up and 4:30 minute cool down/stretch. Recommendations they give for using this DVD: do the cardio workout 4-5 days a week and strength workout 2-3 … Continue reading Fight Cellulite Fast!

Belly, Butt and Thighs

Belly, Butt and Thighs is another Prevention workout led by Chris Freytag. I got it a long time ago as part of a 2 DVD set--it was paired with Chris's 3-2-1 Workout which will be reviewed here soon. As of this posting, it is cheaper btw to buy the two pack then to buy this … Continue reading Belly, Butt and Thighs

Personal Training

Personal Training is a pretty cool workout DVD by trainer Chris Freytag. In the 4:40 minute intro, Chris explains how this DVD works. It contains multiple short strength and cardio workouts. Chose the menu option "Targeted Workouts" and you get a list of goals: Get Firm, Flatten Your Belly, Slim Your Hips & Thighs, Improve … Continue reading Personal Training