Back Fat Blaster!!! // Upper Body Workout w/ Weights

It’s been a while since I have a new-to me Heather Robertson workout. It’s not that I don’t want to! I do! I love her workouts. I just have a long list of workouts I need to get through. But once I saw Heather had created a back workout I knew I need to give it a try. I do love working my back. Back Fat Blaster is an upper body strength workout that focuses on the back muscles but Heather works other muscles, too (shoulders and chest). Also, when you are working large muscle groups (like the back and chest), smaller muscle groups have to assist, so they are getting worked as well.

This was yet another excellent workout from Heather. Use the right weights and you will get a great metabolic upper body strength workout. I did this workout in combination with one of Heather’s newer lower body workouts, Brutal Booty + Leg Slimming Workout for a total body strength workout.

Like most of Heather’s workouts, this is music only. Which I love! The music is always great. You just follow along with Heather as she does the exercises with perfect form. Each exercise is done for 40 seconds with a 10 second rest between exercises. There is a timer in the lower right hand corner of the screen counting down your intervals and rest periods. During the rest period Heather previews the next exercise.

Back Fat Blaster is 23:30 minutes; 30 second intro, 3:30 minute warm up and 4 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells and a fitness mat. Heather is using a set of 5 and 10 pound dumbbells. The dumbbell weights listed below are what I used.

  1. Narrow + wide row (alternate these two rows) (13# DBs)
  2. Renegade rows (10# DBs)
  3. Super push up (alternate 1 superman with 1 push up)
  4. Rear back flys (8# DBs)
  5. Scapular squeeze (extend arms out to sides, palms facing ceiling, and alternate pulling one elbow into waist) (5# DBs)
  6. Underhand row (15# DBs)
  7. Lat lift & pull (hinge forward at hips, raise arms from beside thighs until arms are in line with head (palms are facing each other), rotate palms so they face the floor and pull arms back into goal post) (5# DBs)
  8. Plank stroke (in forearm plank, extend one arm straight in front of you then sweep it beside you to behind you as if doing a swimming stroke, alternate arms)
  9. Bent arm jacks (jumping jacks with arms opening and closing while in goal post)
  10. Repeat #1-9

For more info on Heather Robertson’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.

8 thoughts on “Back Fat Blaster!!! // Upper Body Workout w/ Weights

  1. This looks like a fun workout but obviously there is the fear factor for me since I’m having back issues right now. Although, and I don’t want to jinx anything, but I dearly hope that today is the turning point and my back will start feeling much better as my back hasn’t been too bad today. Still a bit tight and stiff, but spasms, burning aches, and isolated spots of bother haven’t been too bad. Even if my back does continue to improve (and dear Lord I hope it does) I’m still keeping my doctor appointment.

    P.S. I saw your comment on the photo about being out of town with your family to go hiking. That sounds like fun. I like hiking too but am not a camping kind of gal so I would have wanted to stay in some type of properly air conditioned and bug-free lodging as well. Oh and those indoor bathrooms and showers are pretty great too 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely keep your doctors appointment. They may send you to some physical therapy or at least give you some exercises that will help heal your back.

      We had a great time hiking. I love hiking but I hate camping. For those reasons! I want my AC, shower and soft bed!


      1. Oh I’m definitely keeping my doctor’s appt. The middle of my back started bothering me this afternoon but the heating pad for about 30 minutes helped significantly to alleviate symptoms. Either way, my back is definitely not at 100%. Maybe 70%? I dunno. I’ll let you know how the appt goes….


      2. Could you please help me pick out a Jessica Smith walking DVD for when I’m cleared to do more active type movements and exercise?

        I need a beginner-ish level, low-impact workout (so Jessica’s mom, Debbie, needs to be in the video) with no jumping around or twisting or anything wacky that would aggravate my back.

        I’m looking for a walking program that has a separate warm-up and cool-down and where you can choose how many miles you want to do — as I’m sure some days I might only have the energy for just one or two miles and other days I might feel up to going longer.

        Any ideas for me?

        Thank you.


      3. Jessica has so many good walking workouts. One of my favorites is her newest one 4 Mile Power Walk. That one is chaptered do you can easily do anywhere from 1-4 miles. And it has a warm up and a stretch. Debbie is there for modifications but I am also pretty sure that Jessica herself does not do any moves with impact. I think this one was filmed at the beginning of her pregnancy.


      4. Thank you for the recommendation of the 4 mile power walk workout dvd. I just watched the preview clip on Jessica’s site and it does look like what I’m looking for and will meet my current health/fitness needs. I’m probably going to hold off on ordering it because right now I am only cleared to go on slow short walks outside. I’ll see what my doctor says at my next appointment.

        I went to the doctor on Monday — I have special exercises to do and some medicine to take. My follow-up is next week.

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