SaraBethYoga: 15 minute Yoga for Grief, Loss & Broken Heart 💜 Low Energy Yoga

15 Minute Yoga for Grief, Loss & Broken Heart | Low Energy Yoga is relaxing, deep yoga stretch from Sara Beth. Unlike some of her other grief yoga practices that I’ve done, this one is more focused on the loss of a love one. The others I’ve done focus on grief in general (if I am remembering correctly). Since you hold each pose for a long time, I did end up spending the time pondering difficulties in my life right now (I have not lost anyone recently). Her soothing voice and the soothing music does help relax you. No complicated or advanced moves; just some slow, deep stretching.

15 Minute Yoga for Grief, Loss & Broken Heart | Low Energy Yoga is 16:50 minutes; it is actually 15:30 minutes, the last 1:20 minutes is Sara talking about one of her other routines. Equipment: fitness mat.

  1. Child’s pose
  2. Lay on side in fetal position
  3. Lying spinal twist
  4. Lay on back with knees bent and feet on floor
  5. Repeat #3, twisting to other side
  6. Lay on back, knees bent and pulled into chest, hands on knees, circle hips
  7. Happy baby pose
  8. Savasana (lay on back with eyes closed) for 5 minutes; continue laying on back but extend arms overhead and stretch body
  9. Side lying fetal position
  10. Sit cross-leg with hands on heart and eyes closed

For more info on SaraBethYoga and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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    Healthy (and excited) Hugs!

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