CDornerFitness: 30 Minute Full Body Mobility Flow Routine for Flexibility and Stress Relief

This is my first CDornerFitness workout and not because she hasn’t been recommended to me! I have gotten many recommendations to try her workouts over the years. It wasn’t until I started searching for some mobility and foam rolling workouts that her channel sparked my interest. However, within seconds of starting this workout, I was reminded why I did not enjoy her workouts in the past. She talks constantly and a lot of it is not cuing or form pointers. This is a live workout and she chatters constantly with the viewers, who are apparently not doing the workout with her since they are typing comments. I have started several of her workouts over the years and always turned them off in within minutes. This is the first workout of hers I have done from beginning to end. Consensus? It does not get better. I cannot imagine the set up. She even states that she is reading the comments. How do you do a workout AND type comments? Or do they just watch her exercise and type conversations with her? Before I get to the actual workout, let me give you an example of the chatter. She is telling a story (again, not cuing or form pointers, just random talking) and she interrupts herself 3 times to respond to people commenting within the same sentence! Yes–she cannot finish one sentence because she has to keep talking back to viewers’ comments. And is her eyesight superhuman or does she have a huge monitor out of sight that the comments pop up on? Because she clearly states she is reading comments.

So… yeah. I will not be doing another CDorner workout. But, had there not been so much mindless chatter (and better music), this wasn’t a bad mobility/dynamic flexibility workout. Not the best but not bad. I did like all of the attention she gave to foot mobility. I will not be returning to her workouts, which is unfortunate because she has a lot of foam rolling workouts I was interested in until I did this workout.

30 Minute Full Body Mobility Flow Routine for Flexibility and Stress Relief is 35:09 minutes; 1:15 minute intro. Equipment: fitness mat.

  1. Stand on your mat, rock side to side; add lifting your heel when shifting side to side
  2. Raise toes so you are on your heels then lower your heels and raise onto toes
  3. Stand on the mat and try to spread your toes and wiggle them
  4. Raise onto toes, lower heels to floor then do a forward fold and alternate bending knees
  5. Stand on one leg, extend other leg in front of you and tap toe to floor; continuing to toe tap, rotate leg out to side then back in front of you
  6. Still standing, bring one foot behind you and bent toes so tops of toes are on the mat then bring the leg forward and place the heel on the mat in front of you and hinge forward into a calf/hamstring stretch
  7. Stand with legs wide, bend one knee and shift into side lunge placing elbow on thigh, reaching other arm overhead and to the side, return to center straightening leg and do a wide leg plie squat, come out of plie squat and reach both arms overhead, repeat on other side
  8. Deep runners lunge with hands on mat, tap knee to mat, raise knee then bring foot in and place it behind/beside other foot, straighten both legs, step foot back out into lunge then raise both arms overhead, rotate to the front then to the other side and repeat
  9. Stand with legs wide, shift side to side into stationary side lunges; lower deeper into each lunge
  10. Wide leg forward fold
  11. Downward facing dog
  12. Shift forward from down dog into a plank, pull one knee under you then extend it straight out to opposite side of the body underneath you and lower leg/hip toward floor, return to down dog then repeat on other side of body
  13. Child’s pose but with toes on mat and heels pushed back
  14. In high kneeling, place tops of toes flat on mat then curl toes back into mat, alternate these two positions
  15. Deep kneeling lunge, shifting forward to stretch hip flexor then shift hips back and straighten leg with heel on mat, continue shifting between these two positions
  16. Continue #15, but when leg is straight, rotate torso to side and open arms so they are extended open in a T, when you return to deep kneeling lunge, reach both arms overhead with palms together and arch spine
  17. Remain in hamstring stretch (on one knee, other leg extended straight in front of you, torso hinged forward)
  18. In deep kneeling lunge with hands on floor on either side of front foot, raise back leg bringing heel into glutes then lower foot back to floor (knee remains on mat)
  19. In kneeling lunge, extend both arms to ceiling, then bend elbows, pulling arms down, reach arms overhead then rotate torso to side while lowering arms straight to side so they are in a T
  20. Still in kneeling lunge, arms extended overhead, hold one wrist with other hand and do a side bend
  21. Down dog, shifting hips side to side
  22. Repeat #15-20 on other side of body
  23. Upward facing dog, rocking hips side to side
  24. Wide leg child’s pose with feet together
  25. Lay on back, one leg is bent with foot on mat, place other foot on knee, bring knee into chest then open it out to side
  26. Same position as #25 but keep knee open to side (ankle is across knee), push knee out, release tension and push knee against hand
  27. Still on back, extend straight leg to ceiling and circle ankle/foot
  28. Repeat #26 & 27 on other leg
  29. Figure 4 stretch, extend bottom leg to ceiling then bend leg back to start and do one reverse crunch
  30. Repeat #29 on other side of body
  31. Still laying on back, pull both knees into chest
  32. Still laying on back, open arms out to sides in a T, cross legs so thighs are together and squeeze thighs together; rotate legs/hips to one side, keeping shoulders on floor
  33. Repeat #32 on other side
  34. Happy baby pose, rocking side to side
  35. Seated spinal twist
  36. Seated straight leg forward fold, keeping back flat; round back so you can go deeper into forward fold
  37. Sit cross-leg and do neck stretches
  38. Still sitting cross-leg, swing arms out to sides then in front of you, crossing arms

For more info on CDornerFitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


2 thoughts on “CDornerFitness: 30 Minute Full Body Mobility Flow Routine for Flexibility and Stress Relief

  1. Thanks for the heads up! I had saved a bunch of her mobility workouts to my watch later list but I think I will now pass. I don’t want all that chatter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! It was a toss up today. I was finally trying two trainers I get so many recommendations about. One was a winner (Sydney Cummings) and the other… not my cup of tea. But now I know!


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