Workout! is the final workout I purchased at Mindy Mylrea's $3.99 sale. I've now done all of the workouts I bought at her sale and this one might be my favorite. It was very intense--no complicated moves, but I loved the combos she put together in this workout. I burned a ton of calories--500 in … Continue reading Workout!



Quickies is another Mindy Mylrea workout I got at her $3.99 sale. This one contains 12 mini workouts that are 4-9 minutes long (but average 6 minutes). You can go to each segment individually or you can do them grouped into workouts: Gliding Disks & Body Weight (37:30 minutes) and Bender Ball & Medicine Ball … Continue reading Quickies

All Systems GO!

All Systems GO! is another workout I got at Mindy Mylrea's $3.99 sale. This one uses a body bar and nothing else. Mindy labels it as a cardio and strength workout but it all depends on the weight of your body bar. I have two body bars. One weighs 15 pounds and one weighs 9 … Continue reading All Systems GO!

All About Legs

All About Legs is a collection of 4 short workouts that each work your lower body using various equipment--medicine ball, stability ball, step + resistance tube and sliding disks. Each segment can be used alone since they all start with an easy move that functions as a warm up and they all end with a short stretch. … Continue reading All About Legs

Gliding Extreme

Just as the title implies this is an extreme workout. It is advanced and it is tough. BTW--I loved it. Excellent, excellent workout from Mindy Mylrea. Gliding Extreme is set outside in a meadow. There is a large round platform set in the grass and Mindy does all of her sliding on this platform. It's just Mindy--no … Continue reading Gliding Extreme

Total Body Double G Workout

Finally! Another Mindy Mylrea workout I enjoyed! I was disappointed in her last two that I tried and was starting to worry. This is another of the many Mindy workouts I got at her $3.99 sale. The big draw of that sale for me was her medicine ball and gliding disk workouts and, since this one combined … Continue reading Total Body Double G Workout

Awesome Intervals

Awesome Intervals is another workout DVD that I got at Mindy Mylrea's $3.99 sale and it was another disappointment. During the warm up I nearly turned the thing off and stuck in Cathe's Cross Fire (always my go-to workout if another workout doesn't work out for me). The step choreography for the warm up was immediately … Continue reading Awesome Intervals

Med Ball Madness

Med Ball Madness is one of the many workouts I bought at Mindy Mylrea's one day $3.99 sale. And I am glad I didn't pay more for it. I was not impressed with this one. Which really disappointed me. I bought quite a few of her workouts that use a medicine ball at her sale … Continue reading Med Ball Madness

All Out Cardio

All Out Cardio is from Mindy Mylrea and it was definitely a major impulse buy. Mindy had a sale on her website--one day only. All of her workout DVDs were $3.99. How could I pass that up? So I didn't. I bought 9. So there will be a lot more Mindy reviews to come. All … Continue reading All Out Cardio

Tabata Bootcamp with Toys

Just look at the title of this workout DVD? How could I resist? Tabata with Toys? A whole DVD devoted to tabata? I had to have it! Mindy Mylrea is new to me, so I didn't know what to expect. (**I started working my way through this DVD before I did Intensity Overload; however because … Continue reading Tabata Bootcamp with Toys