Total Body HIIT Workout // Strength + Cardio

Total Body HIIT Workout // Strength + Cardio is another fun and effective cardio + strength workout from Heather Robertson. I have been doing a lot of Barlates lately and even though I do love Barlates workouts, I miss doing basic strength training along with straight forward cardio. That's what you are getting in this … Continue reading Total Body HIIT Workout // Strength + Cardio

Barlates: Torch & Tone/Cardio Sculpt

Torch & Tone: Cardio Sculpt is a kind of unusual workout. Maybe not for Linda @ Barlates, since she does put together some unusual workouts, but I found it rather unusual. It is effective tho. No doubt about that. I had muscle burn out multiple times. This is one of Linda's longer workouts, clocking in … Continue reading Barlates: Torch & Tone/Cardio Sculpt

Barlates: Metabolic Training/Circuit

Metabolic Training: Circuit is another tough workout from Linda @ Barlates that works your lower body hard. She works your biceps, back and triceps, too, and gives you cardio bursts. There are no complicated or difficult to perform moves, but it is an intense and metabolic workout. I was working hard during this workout and … Continue reading Barlates: Metabolic Training/Circuit

Total Body HIIT Workout // with Weights

Total Body HIIT Workout with Weights is another excellent workout from Heather Robertson. This is an intense total body cardio + strength workout. Heather packed a lot into 30 minutes. I was working very hard and sweating quite a bit for a such a short workout. And she hit every muscle in the body in … Continue reading Total Body HIIT Workout // with Weights

Barlates: Metabolic Training/Box Sculpt

Metabolic Training: Box Sculpt is a tough workout from Linda @ Barlates! And my glutes are still very sore from her Metabolic Training: Cardio Sculpt! This workout hits them again. This is a cardio + strength workout but, just like Cardio Sculpt, it does not hit every muscle group--so it's not a total body workout. … Continue reading Barlates: Metabolic Training/Box Sculpt

Barlates: Metabolic Training/Cardio Sculpt

/Metabolic Training: Cardio Sculpt is cardio + strength lower body focused workout from Linda @ Barlates. You do get some upper body conditioning but it is using very light weights and combined with the low impact cardio. This workout really burned my hamstrings and glutes out. Linda starts with a long low impact cardio warm … Continue reading Barlates: Metabolic Training/Cardio Sculpt

How to Get Thinner Thighs

How to Get Thinner Thighs is another excellent mini workout from Heather Robertson that is perfect to use to either finish off another workout or combine with other workouts. Same difference, I guess. Just depends on its placement in your workout line up. This morning I did another all Heather Robertson lower body workout. I … Continue reading How to Get Thinner Thighs

HIIT Booty Bootcamp // Butt Workout + Glute Activation

Wow! What an awesome workout!¬† HIIT Booty Bootcamp // Butt Workout + Glute Activation is another amazing workout from Heather Robertson. She hits your glutes from all angles with different modalities and it creeps up on you. I finished this workout over an hour ago and my glutes and upper hamstrings are still stinging. It … Continue reading HIIT Booty Bootcamp // Butt Workout + Glute Activation

Full Body HIIT Workout // Strength + Cardio

Full Body HIIT Workout // Strength + Cardio is another¬†excellent workout from Heather Robertson. What a find! I love this woman's workouts! Now her workouts are all I want to do. They are perfect. At least, they feel perfect for me at this time in my life. And I love that this workout is a … Continue reading Full Body HIIT Workout // Strength + Cardio

Cross Training for Fitness

Cross Training for Fitness is collection of 5 approx. 15 minute martial arts inspired workouts led by Jessica Smith and Guillermo Gomez, whom I recently discovered is Jessica's husband. If you hit "Play all" you get a 1:30 minute intro from Jessica and Guillermo. They tell you that these workouts are based on the principle … Continue reading Cross Training for Fitness