Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners

Hatha & Yoga Flow is another Element workout led by Tamal Dodge. It contains two approximately 30 minute yoga workouts. In the intro Tamal shares that he was a co-founder of The Yoga Collective, which I thought was very interesting since I have been subscribing to The Yoga Collective for over a year now and … Continue reading Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners


Total Stretch

Total Stretch is a new workout from Jessica Smith. It contains 3 flexibility workouts. Two are approximately 30 minutes and one is 18 minutes. Just like Feel Good Fusion, these new workouts from Jessica are exactly what I need at this time in my life. Sadly I have had days recently where I cannot even … Continue reading Total Stretch

The Firm: Super-Charged Sculpting

Super-Charged Sculpting is part of The Firm's TransFirmer system. This workout is led by Pam Cauthen Meriwether. I remember that this was not one of my favorite Firm workouts. I did it plenty back when I first got it. Back when I was diehard Firmie I always followed their rotation calendars when I purchased their … Continue reading The Firm: Super-Charged Sculpting

2-Week Turn Around: Cardio

Before my mastectomy I dug out some of the workouts I used while rehabilitating after my heels were crushed 10 years ago. The 2-Week Turn Around workouts were part of my rehab. There are two DVDs--a cardio and a strength DVD. Both DVDs contain multiple short workouts that you can do alone or put them … Continue reading 2-Week Turn Around: Cardio

JessicaSmithTV: Strong Stretch

Every time I think I have done all of Jessica Smith's YouTube yoga and stretch routines I run across another one. I recently stumbled across Strong Stretch, which was posted 4 years ago. I am not sure how I missed it. The title apparently signifies that you are stretching to work out muscle soreness and … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Strong Stretch

Walk Strong 3

Walk Strong 3 is the third program in the Walk Strong series from Jessica Smith. Though I will be summarizing the program here and reviewing each of the workouts, here is Jessica's website that gives her own description, a video clip and other information about the Walk Strong 3 program. And here is a page … Continue reading Walk Strong 3

Walk Strong: 6 Week Total Transformation System

Walk Strong is a fitness program by Jessica Smith. It has been on my wish list since I discovered her via her YouTube workouts. I had planned to get it with any Amazon gift cards I got for Christmas and my birthday (since I always get them) but then Groupon offered it for half the price … Continue reading Walk Strong: 6 Week Total Transformation System

JessicaSmithTV: Yoga Stretch

Yoga Stretch is the first yoga workout done in Jessica Smith's 5 Day Yoga Challenge. If you go to this workout on YouTube, not only does Jessica talk about the challenge at the beginning of the workout but below the video she gives you the 5 Day Yoga Challenge schedule with links to each of … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Yoga Stretch

JessicaSmithTV: Pilates Yoga Fusion Flow

Pilates Yoga Fusion Flow was just what I needed this morning after the past few days of brutal workouts. I needed something lower key and this delivered. With this workout, Jessica Smith has created a more gentle PiYo-like workout. I use PiYo to describe a lot of things but other similar workouts would be Linda … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Pilates Yoga Fusion Flow

JessicaSmithTV: Relax & Restore

Relax & Restore is another gentle and restorative yoga/flexibility routine. Nothing aggressive but you can always go deeper into the stretches if you want to (and are able to). And it is a nice way to wind down and recover after a more strenuous workout or a week of challenging workouts. I did really like this … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Relax & Restore