Mark Lauren

Mark Lauren is the master of body weight strength workouts. He has written books about it, he has created workout DVDs, he has both an app and a website in which he streams workouts. His background is military–he spent time in the military then he trained Special Ops units. He also has a martial arts background. I’ve read his books and done his workout DVDs. I find them all excellent. Mark is another trainer who does every workout from beginning to end with the home exerciser. He does everything at a controlled pace and his form is perfect. He has a very calm and encouraging presence that I find motivating.

90 Day Challenge

Bodyweight Training 2.0

EFX: Postural Bodyweight Training

Mobility RX

You Are Your Own Gym (YAYOG)

You Are Your Own Gym, Volume 2 (YAYOG 2)

Bodyweight Training

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