P90X2 is another advanced fitness program by Tony Horton and Beachbody. I got P90X2 around the same time as I got Insanity: Asylum Volume 1 and it fell prey to the same delay--discovery of Cathe. So in spite of my intense excitement when P90X2 was announced, it has sat on my shelf collecting dust for several years. I … Continue reading P90X2


P90X Plus

P90X Plus is an add on program for P90X. P90X Plus comes with 4 DVDs that have 5 workouts on them and a fitness guide. A big difference between P90X+ and P90X is the length of the workouts. P90X workouts were all (except abs) approx. an hour long (Yoga X is 90 minutes!). P90X+ workouts all … Continue reading P90X Plus