Marching with Moves

Marching with Moves is a 30 minute cardio workout from Jenny Ford. This workout is just Jenny--no background exercisers. This is not a high intensity cardio walk but it helped me get in some extra steps today and burn some calories which was all I was looking for. This walk has some impact in it … Continue reading Marching with Moves


Cardio Intervals

Cardio Intervals is another free cardio workout from Jenny Ford. This workout has a low impact modifier. Just like Jenny's other YouTube workouts that I've done so far, there is a tracker in the bottom right hand corner of the screen that counts down the percentage of the workout until you hit 100% at the … Continue reading Cardio Intervals

March it Out

March it Out is another cardio workout from Jenny Ford and it is free on YouTube. If you are looking for some beginner level cardio--this is it. Very basic, simple moves and you do them for long periods of time. No thought required. There is both a low impact and a high impact modifier. The … Continue reading March it Out

30 Minute Marching Workout with Cardio Bursts

This workout caught my eye on YouTube when I did a search for walking workouts, so I decided to give it a try. I have never heard of Jenny Ford. She is very cute and has great energy! This wasn't an advanced or tough workout, but Jenny seemed to be working hard. She did this … Continue reading 30 Minute Marching Workout with Cardio Bursts