March it Out

March it Out is another cardio workout from Jenny Ford and it is free on YouTube. If you are looking for some beginner level cardio–this is it. Very basic, simple moves and you do them for long periods of time. No thought required. There is both a low impact and a high impact modifier. The high impact modifier is bouncing around throughout the workout so she is definitely getting a more intense workout.

Just like Jenny’s 30 Minute Marching Workout with Cardio Bursts there is a tracker in the bottom right hand corner of the screen that counts down the percentage of the workout until you hit 100% at the very end. Jenny does not lead this entire workout. She leads the first 15 minutes then she turns it over to one of the background exercisers, Michele Bell, who leads for the next 10 minutes before turning it back over to Jenny for the remainder of the workout. Michele, we find out, is a published writer.

This workout gave me some steps and some mild cardio but didn’t work me hard. I barely burned 200 calories. The next Jennie Ford workout I plan to try looks more challenging, so stay tuned!

March it Out is 35:30 minutes; 8 minute warm up (first 2 minutes is marching in place and marching forward and back and, according to Jenny, #1-7 is part of the warm up, too) and 3 minute cool down. You are marching in place and/or marching forward and back between every move. Arm movements are added to most of the moves, even when they are not mentioned below.

  1. Wide alternating step knee raises
  2. Step forward with single knee raise, step back, alternate sides; add alternating arm raise
  3. Alternating front kicks with alternating front punches
  4. Repeat #2
  5. Wide march in place
  6. Hamstring curls; changes to single, single, double pattern
  7. Repeat #8
  8. Hamstring curls; add a hop to each hamstring curl
  9. Repeat #1; add alternating overhead punch
  10. March in place 3x + one knee raise
  11. March forward 3x + knee raise w/ a hop, march back 3x + knee raise w/ a hop (punch one arm overhead when doing the knee raise)
  12. Step tap side to side
  13. Double side steps
  14. Combine #12 & 13: 2 side to side steps + 1 double side step; add heel digs; heel digs change to knee raises
  15. Hamstring curls
  16. Alternating front low kicks
  17. 3 low alternating front kicks + march in place 3x; kick higher and push arms in front of you when kicking; add a little hop when kicking and push arms overhead when kicking
  18. Alternate tapping feet out to side; add bicep curls to the side; add rotating torso to the side so the tap becomes more of a lunge; arms change to swinging side to side
  19. Step forward and back with one foot (mambo step); add triple step (cha-cha) to change lead legs; add punching arms in front of you
  20. Repeat #1
  21. 2 knee repeater + 4 marches; add pulling arms down from overhead during knee repeaters
  22. Jog in place (or march if following the low impact modifier)
  23. Step touch side to side; changes to double step touch

For more info on Jenny Ford‘s YouTube workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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