1 Mile Disco Boogie to ABBA

I love ABBA, so when YouTube recommended this workout to me, I needed to try it. It is by a new-to-me YouTube fitness channel called Up to the BEat Fit. This cardio walk is led by Gina B. She is in Sydney, Australia. I loved this little walk. It is 14 minutes long, set to great ABBA music, entirely low impact but it moves! Not super intense, but for a low impact walk, it was pretty vigorous. And Gina B is so cute. She has lots of energy and she is very encouraging. Since this workout is only 14 minutes, I followed it up with another walk from Gina B: Get 2000 Steps/Fat Burning Walk–another fun walk with great music. I think I’ve found another winner for my doubles workouts!

One Mile ABBA Walk is 14 minutes. No warm up. All of these moves are repeated many times but I am only listing them once. There are arm movements with most moves even if they are not listed.

  1. High knee march in place
  2. March in place and alternate pushing arms overhead then to the side
  3. Double side steps to each side + 4 single side steps; add punching arms to side when double side stepping and arm circles when doing single side steps
  4. March forward and back while punching arms overhead and to the side
  5. March 3 steps to side + 2 single side steps
  6. Side to side lunges while alternating punching arms down
  7. Double side steps while punching to side
  8. March forward while pushing arms forward, march backwards while pushing arms overhead
  9. Step forward, triple step to change lead legs and step forward with other foot
  10. Cross-over step, triple step, cross-over step with other foot
  11. Alternating knee raises; changes to double knee raises
  12. 3 steps forward + knee raise, 3 steps backward + knee raise
  13. Step back + chasse, step back other side + chasse + 4 alternating front taps
  14. Do #13 but march forward and back on an diagonal, then to the front, then on a diagonal in the other direction

For more info on Gina B‘s YouTube workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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