TRAMPIT© 17 – Best Beginners Level Rebound Class

Trampit 17 is another fun rebounder workout from Mai-Britt. This is primarily a cardio workout though you do get some core work in the middle. It is titled a beginner class and it is easier than some of her other cardio rebounder workouts. I still burned 307 calories. There are no complicated moves. Mai-Britt does … Continue reading TRAMPIT© 17 – Best Beginners Level Rebound Class


TRAMPIT© 13 – best bad ass cardio at home on your Trampoline

I haven't done a Trampit rebounder workout in a long time. I got my first rebounder in early 2020 and, though I enjoyed rebounding from the very beginning, it wasn't until I discovered the Trampit workouts that I was really hooked. Since Mai-Britt owns her own studio in Denmark, she did not create a lot … Continue reading TRAMPIT© 13 – best bad ass cardio at home on your Trampoline


Yay! Another new TRAMPIT workout from Mia-Britt! It is titled TRAMPIT 12. [Correction--I don't know if I got this wrong or if Mia-Britt corrected it, but originally I thought this was titled Trampit 1. Today I looked at it again and it is titled Trampit 12, so I am correcting this post.] In this workout … Continue reading TRAMPIT 12

Trampit 11

Yay! Mai-Britt did another rebounding workout! And she posted it on Christmas! What a wonderful Christmas surprise! I was super excited to do it with my new extra strong rebounder bungees that I got for Christmas. Big surprise in this workout--Mai-Britt is speaking English the entire time! She lives in Denmark and in all of … Continue reading Trampit 11

Jacks Studio Online: Trampit

I discovered Mai-Britt Catrine on YouTube when she posted one of her Trampit rebounder workouts. Mia-Britt owns Jacks Studio in Denmark. At the beginning of the pandemic when everything shut down around the world, like many gym owners she streamed live workouts for her gym goers who were quarantined. I am so grateful she posted … Continue reading Jacks Studio Online: Trampit


TRAMPIT 10 is a rebounder workout on YouTube. And it is intense! This might be the most intense rebounder workout I have ever done. And I loved it. It has been 2 hours since I finished it and my glutes and hamstrings are still singing. This workout was filmed in Copenhagen and the trainer is … Continue reading TRAMPIT 10