TRAMPIT 10 is a rebounder workout on YouTube. And it is intense! This might be the most intense rebounder workout I have ever done. And I loved it. It has been 2 hours since I finished it and my glutes and hamstrings are still singing. This workout was filmed in Copenhagen and the trainer is not speaking English. I have no idea what her name is. Nevertheless the music is amazing and the trainer choreographs the moves and intensity perfectly to the the music. I didn’t need to understand what she was saying to follow her moves, so the choreography is not complicated, but it is perfect. From time to time she did speak English. I understood several words. In fact, sometimes she seemed to speak an English-Danish patois. And I am only assuming she spoke Danish because I know this was filmed in Copenhagen. Even though I could not understand most of what she said, she has tons of energy and enthusiasm, and was very motivating.

This is a cardio core workout with some tricep work. Lots of intense core work and lots of awesome and intense rebounder cardio. In fact, before we ever laid on our backs on the rebounder mat to do focused core work, my abs were already being worked hard. I have never done a rebounder workout where the actual cardio rebounding worked my core this hard. It was literally burning my abs out during the cardio! I love this workout. But I cannot find any more like it! Why, why why? I want more! I burned 305 calories, I was in my cardio zone for 17 minutes and my peak zone for 14 minutes. What does that leave? The 6 minutes of the warm up and stretch I was in my fat burn zone. What a workout! My legs were trembling by the end.

I do have to add, you cannot do gentle rebounder hopping to get the most out of this workout. I was able to keep pace with the trainer but the key is to use proper rebounder form in order to achieve the pace and intensity that this workout delivers. That means pushing down into the trampoline canvas with your feet, keeping knees bent and leaning torso slightly forward–and focusing mentally.

***Update–I did discover her name: Mai-Britt Catrine. I found her on Facebook thanks to the suggestion of a reader. There are NINE MORE Trampit workouts! I have now created a collective post reviewing the other 9 Trampit workouts.***

TRAMPIT 10 is 37 minutes; 3 minute warm up and 3:30 stretch. There are arm movements with most of the moves but the trainer is also frequently doing her own thing while the two background exercises you can see are doing basic arm movements. What you are doing with your legs is so intense that most of the time it is easier to just let your arms do what they want to do.

  1. Butt kick runs
  2. Hamstring curl hops
  3. Wide knee pull hops
  4. Front knee pull hops
  5. Repeat #1
  6. Wide high knee runs
  7. Heel dig hops; changes to 2 singles + one double
  8. Jumping jacks
  9. Repeat #6
  10. Single, single double heel dig hops
  11. Repeat #8
  12. High knee runs
  13. Fast feet run
  14. Repeat #12
  15. Repeat #6
  16. Repeat #13
  17. Scissor runs to single, single, double pattern
  18. Quarter turn twist jumps to single, single, double pattern
  19. Cross jack legs
  20. Repeat #17 -19
  21. Double lateral jumps turning body slightly toward other side when double jumping (so not quite a quarter turn jump)
  22. Later jumps (facing front) to single, single, double pattern
  23. Fast tuck jumps
  24. Repeat #12
  25. Tricep dips with hands on rebounder frame
  26. Lay on rebounder and do fast bicycle crunches
  27. Single leg tricep dips; ends with fast tricep dips with both feet on floor
  28. Repeat #26
  29. Low front kick hops
  30. Squats (no jumping, holding T bar)
  31. Wide tuck jumps
  32. Repeat #29
  33. Repeat #31
  34. Repeat #13
  35. Lay on back on rebounder, hands holding frame over head, do reverse crunches, bringing knees into chest then extending legs up to ceiling and when you lower them, bring knees into chest then extend legs straight in line with the body
  36. Continue #35 but release hands from rebounder, raising torso up when extending legs straight; add a jump after the reverse crunch (reverse crunch then bring legs down to floor, sit up and jump)
  37. Return to the first part of #36; hold isometrically at top of this move (straight leg banana core pose but with arms at sides); add bicycle legs
  38. Repeat second part of #36
  39. Sit up variation–straight leg banana but with arms extended at sides alternated with bent leg boat pose; hold bent knee boat pose isometrically
  40. Repeat #26
  41. Shift hop side to side
  42. High knee run
  43. Fast feet run
  44. Repeat #41- 43

For more info on other (free) Trampit workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


19 thoughts on “TRAMPIT 10

  1. This is great that you posted about her! I just found her YouTube video and after completing it and loving it, I was searching for more and found this post. There is another girl out of the UK Vikki Gamblen Who has two very challenging cardio dance classes posted on YouTube ( ). There’s nothing special about the performance per se, but the videos themselves are longer than normal online videos and very intense; I always work up a great sweat. Now I’ll have to search for more of Mai-Britt and Jacks Studio…


    1. Mai-Britt has more! I am doing a collective post of her other 9 rebounder workouts that will post in a few weeks when I get through them all–but here is a link to her studio’s website where all of the workouts are posted for free :
      You can also message her through FB like I did and she will probably add you to the Jack Studio FB group she created when Denmark was in quarantine–all 10 of the rebounder workouts are posted there, too, plus another 20+ barre and dance workouts. She is pretty awesome, even tho I cannot understand most of what she says. You don’t need to to follow her rebounder workouts.


      1. Glad to find this. Nur the Website is down for the Moment. Do anyone knows More about it?

        Thank you so much!!


  2. So sad you can’t find anymore videos like this one. I assume fitness instructor Mai-Britt Catrine does not have her own website and any google searches for TRAMPIT™ didn’t pull up anything relevant?

    The DanceBy youtube channel seems to be managed by Mai-Britt Catrine — there’s info and a weblink in the ‘about’ section of her channel…..

    But I assume you probably know all of this. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you find more.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Bummer 😦 Do you have any social media accounts where you can do searches and things? Maybe you can see if she has a personal facebook or instagram page?

        Have you tried to email her at ?? That’s on the same youtube ‘about’ page, too

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks for the push. I probably wouldn’t have done anything but pine for more, but your suggestion made me look her up on FB and then message her. Fingers crossed she posts a few more amazing rebounder workouts!


      3. Thank you again! She replied! She has 10 rebounder workouts posted on FB! It’s a closed group but she added me–now I can do her other rebounder workouts! She has lots more workouts on FB than just rebounder workouts, too.


      4. YAY!!

        I look forward to reading your posts, if you choose to take the time to write about Mai-Britt Catrine’s other rebounder workouts and non-rebounder workouts. (Although perhaps you won’t since it’s a closed group and the videos are not readily accessible.)

        I find it interesting that she does not cue/voice over the workouts. Her youtube page says she wants people to “watch and feel the music.” I totally get that but I have no dance background and I’m also not free-spirited enough (or coordinated enough) to just let go and let my body move in a not dorky way to music, I need the guidance.

        Her cheerleading video looks fun, but again, I have zero cheer experience. One of my guilty reality tv pleasures was watching the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team show. I have no idea if a new season is coming on this fall but I probably won’t tune in.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I saw that on her YouTube about page but she appeared to be cuing during her rebounder workout. But I don’t speak Danish so I am not 100% certain of that. She has something like 40 workouts posted on her FB group. She did them all during quarantine. There are 10 rebounder workouts, some barre workouts and some others. But I now have 9 more Jack Studios rebounder workouts! I think of the 10 she posted 8 are led by her. 2 of them are led by another trainer. And I would like to blog about them but I am not sure how other people could access them.


      6. Well you could still blog about them, after all one purpose of your blog is to help you remember all the workouts you do, the break-down of exercises, what you liked or didn’t like, etc….. If you did blog about them you could just include in each post a little blurb that the workout came from a closed facebook group that you were invited to join. If your other followers want to know more details, I’m sure they’ll leave you a comment to ask how they can join. Do you think Mai-Britt would be flooded with PMs on facebook?

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Ha–maybe. I did more research and her studio in Denmark–Jacks Studio has a website and she posted all of her quarantine videos there, too. So I am now working on a blog post that reviews the other 9 rebounder workouts. Short summaries about each all in one post. I’m doing that with Bellicon’s streaming site, too. Because you’re right! I need to know the basics about these workouts for my own records.


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