Naomi Joy Fitness: 30 Min Rebounder HIIT Cardio

I love Naomi Joy‘s HIIT rebounder workouts. They are so intense and such fun. As the title suggests, 30 Min Rebounder HIIT Cardio is an intense interval based cardio workout. Each interval is 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds of recovery. This workout is done voice over with great driving music. There is a timer in the upper right hand corner of the screen counting down your intervals and recoveries. Naomi previews the next exercise during the recovery. The final 3 minutes of the workout is straight cardio with no breaks. Naomi does it to the tempo of a great motivating song Trampit-style. A great way to end an intense workout. According to my FitBit I burned 276 calories. Not bad at all for a 35 minute workout.

30 Min Rebounder HIIT Cardio is 35:15 minutes; 1 minute intro, 1:20 minute warm up and 4:30 minute stretch.

  1. Scissor runs to single, single, double hop tempo
  2. Jack legs–arms will alternate a goal post chest fly with reaching overhead
  3. Fast feet wide to narrow
  4. Single knee raise hop + single kick hop, alternate legs (also pulling arms down from overhead with each move)
  5. Double insole hop/tap, alternate legs
  6. Single leg hopping side kicks while swinging both arms to side as leg kicks (same leg the entire interval)
  7. One hop knee raise + one hop kick, alternate pulling arms down then extending arms to side (same leg the entire interval)
  8. Repeat #6 & 7 on other side of body
  9. High knee run to single, single, double tempo
  10. Hopping single knee raise, bring opposite elbow to knee when it raises (same leg entire interval)
  11. Hopping side kicks while punching arms overhead (same leg the entire interval)
  12. Ski hops (with legs/feet close together, hop side to side while bringing straight arms down like ski poles)
  13. Repeat #10 & 11 on other side of body
  14. Kick hop same leg to the front then to the side, arms alternate pulling down to waist then extending out straight to sides (remain on same led the entire interval)
  15. Repeat #14 on other leg
  16. Squat jumps (hold/stick at bottom of squat before jumping)
  17. Repeat #12 but to single, single, double tempo
  18. High knee sprint
  19. Wide high knee run reaching arms overhead and pulling elbow down to knee when it raises
  20. Repeat #19 but alternate high knee wide runs with high knee runs with knees to front
  21. Double knee pull hops, alternate legs, pull clasped hands down from overhead to knee when it raises
  22. Alternating front kick hops pulling arms down from overhead
  23. Squat jumps, arms alternate reaching arms overhead in a V and out to sides in a T when you jump
  24. High knee run narrow to wide leg run (after this interval–no recovery–you go straight into #25)
  25. High knee sprints (30 seconds–no recovery after you finish, go straight into #26)
  26. Repeat #24 for 35 seconds
  27. Repeat #25 for 30 seconds
  28. Repeat #24 but fast–wide to narrow high knee sprints for 30 seconds

For more info on Naomi Joy Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


5 thoughts on “Naomi Joy Fitness: 30 Min Rebounder HIIT Cardio

  1. I just discovered another YouTube trainer that actually found me on Instagram. Her YouTube name is CDornerFitness. I did her Halloween step video and I burned almost 600 cal in the hour!

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    1. She has actually been recommended to me by another reader. I have several of her workouts saved to my “need to try” playlist on YouTube. Not sure when I will get to them tho. They do look good!


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