Focus: Reach Further

This workout is part of Tracie Long's Focus Series. She says it is the 4th in the series and there is a total of 6 workouts in this series (I think). With this workout, I've now done all of Tracie's Focus workouts. This is an excellent workout. In 30 minutes you will get yoga, flexibility, … Continue reading Focus: Reach Further

FitPrime Live: G-Force Volume 3 & Volume 4

FitPrime Live contains two workouts. Both of these workouts were filmed live at a FitPrime "fitness vacation" (I think that's what one of the instructors called it). I chose this collection because it is subtitled G-Force 3 and G-Force 4. FitPrime's G-Force workouts are workouts that use a rebounder. G-Force 4 is done by 4 … Continue reading FitPrime Live: G-Force Volume 3 & Volume 4

SaraBethYoga: 20 Minute Deep Stretch Yoga for Neck & Shoulders

20 Minute Deep Stretch Yoga for Neck & Shoulders is exactly what the title implies, deep stretching for your neck and shoulders using a bolster. As I've mentioned in another SaraBethYoga review, I bought a bolster for other reasons that did not work out for me, so I searched for "bolster yoga" on YouTube so … Continue reading SaraBethYoga: 20 Minute Deep Stretch Yoga for Neck & Shoulders

Gentle Restorative Yoga for Fatigue

Gentle Restorative Yoga for Fatigue is a restorative yoga practice by the Yoga Ranger. It is similar to yin yoga, in that you hold the poses for a long time, but different because these poses are relaxing and yin yoga frequently is not relaxing. At least not for me. The purpose of restorative yoga is … Continue reading Gentle Restorative Yoga for Fatigue

10 Minute Full Body Mobility and Flexibility Routine

10 Minute Full Body Mobility and Flexibility Routine is great flexibility routine from Heather Robertson. She has several of this short, approximately 10 minute flexibility routines. I used them to stretch out after many of her workouts that do not contain cool downs and/or stretches. That is how I used it this morning. Like most … Continue reading 10 Minute Full Body Mobility and Flexibility Routine


Yogini is another yoga fusion workout by Ellen Barrett. It is also available for free on YouTube (at least right now it is), which is how I did it this morning. This was a tough workout! For me at least. It is a flowing fusion workout. You never hold any pose longer than 4 counts … Continue reading Yogini

Stretch Sculpt

I have heard a lot about Ellen Barrett but I have never done one of her workouts. So when I came across Stretch Sculpt at the library, I decided to give her a try and see why everyone seems to love her. I also went a step further and did this workout barefoot. I previewed … Continue reading Stretch Sculpt

Gentle Yoga Stretch

Gentle Yoga Stretch is another yoga/flexibility collection from Jessica Smith. Jessica has quite a few of these types of workouts and she does them very well. These are more excellent and thorough yoga practices to add to my collection. I didn't find them as gentle as the title promises but that could be due to … Continue reading Gentle Yoga Stretch

Yoga Fusion Fix

Yoga Fusion Fix is another of Jessica Smith's new releases. This one contains 3 intermediate level yoga practices of varying lengths. Jessica is by herself. All of the workouts are set on a wooden deck with the ocean in the background. I enjoyed all of these yoga practices. The longest one, Strength + Flexibility, was … Continue reading Yoga Fusion Fix

Yoga Stretch

Yoga Stretch is another flexibility collection by Jessica Smith. This DVD contains 2 yoga/flexibility routines. AM: Energizing Flow which is 30 minutes and PM: Relaxing Flow which is 30 minutes. Judging from the titles, these are apparently designed to be used either in the morning or evening. I use them for my Sunday yoga workout. … Continue reading Yoga Stretch