Katami 4X4

Katami 4x4 is a fitness program from trainer Paul Katami. It consists of 12 workouts, a foam roller, a stretch rope and the usual literature that comes with workout programs (overview, workout calendar and nutrition guide). "4x4" refers to the structure of the 8 main workouts in the program. There are 4 circuits in each … Continue reading Katami 4X4


Kettlebell Drills

Kettlebell Drills by Paul Katami is a great kettlebell workout collection. It contains a 35 minute clinic in which Paul teaches you kettlebell basics such as the different grips and 15 kettlebell exercises. It was not as easy as I expected it to be, either. Yes, you get long breaks as he teaches and demonstrates … Continue reading Kettlebell Drills

Double Down

Double Down is a new cardio + strength workout led by both Amy Dixon and Paul Katami. Two¬†trainers I love, so of course I had to get it. The concept of this workout is to start an exercise, then at some point double your effort--hence the title Double Down. It is set up in 8 … Continue reading Double Down

Kettlebell Krush

Kettlebell Krush is a new workout by the kettlebell master Paul Katami. It is a tough and effective metabolic strength training workout. And only 40 minutes! He packs a lot into 40 minutes! I really enjoyed both of Paul's new workouts; this one and H.I.5. Both are short but intense and so varied that¬†they are … Continue reading Kettlebell Krush

H.I.5 (High Intensity 5)

HI 5 is Paul Katami's new workout. I actually have a lot of Paul's workouts on my wishlist, but for some reason I haven't purchased them yet. This one caught my eye, as did his other new one Kettlebell Krush. So I splurged and bought them both. HI 5 is an intense metabolic weight training … Continue reading H.I.5 (High Intensity 5)

A.S.A.P Hollywood Bootcamp 4×4

Paul Katami is a slave driver! I was so impressed with his Burn & Build I decided I needed to sample more of his offerings. So A.S.A.P Hollywood Bootcamp 4x4 was the next one I chose. WOW. Another super tough metabolic weight training workout. I especially needed something like this today--the day after Thanksgiving when … Continue reading A.S.A.P Hollywood Bootcamp 4×4

Paul Katami Burn & Build

Wow. This workout was really tough. Really tough. Burn & Build is my introduction to Paul Katami's workouts. I heard he was advanced and knows his kettlebells. I also saw this was a cardio + strength/metabolic weight training workout, which I have always loved. So I decided to give it a try. It is a … Continue reading Paul Katami Burn & Build