Day 7 Home Workout Challenge // Full Body Stretch & Recovery

Apparently back in May 2020, Heather Robertson created a 7 day workout challenge. (Here is the playlist if you are interested.) They all look like very good workouts and I might try some of them at some point but I am starting with this nice long Full Body Stretch & Recovery workout. Unlike the majority … Continue reading Day 7 Home Workout Challenge // Full Body Stretch & Recovery

SaraBethYoga: 30 Min Yoga Stretch to Unwind Tight Neck & Hips

30 Min Yoga Stretch to Unwind Tight Neck & Hips is a really nice flexibility yoga practice from SaraBethYoga. In fact, I love the combination of neck and hip focus. Adding shoulders would have worked for me, too! These are all places my muscles get tight and/or achy. Anyway, this felt really good. No advanced … Continue reading SaraBethYoga: 30 Min Yoga Stretch to Unwind Tight Neck & Hips

SaraBethYoga: Yoga for Flexibility

Yoga for Flexibility is a very nice, feel good yoga practice. This has no complicated moves, but you do get some yoga "work." Sara does basic yoga moves as well as easier versions of a few more advanced yoga moves (but no actual advanced moves). And you hold them all long enough to get a … Continue reading SaraBethYoga: Yoga for Flexibility

Classical Stretch Season 12: Aging Backwards

After checking out Classical Stretch Season 8 from the library and thoroughly enjoying it, I looked into actually buying a season to own. They are expensive. On the Essentrics website Season 12 is $65 (currently on sale for $52). It's currently $56 on Amazon. Of course, you are getting 30 workouts. But still. It was … Continue reading Classical Stretch Season 12: Aging Backwards

SaraBethYoga: 10 Minute Yoga for Neck & Shoulder Tension

10 Minute Yoga for Neck & Shoulder Tension is actually 8:30 minutes. This is a gentle but thorough stretch routine for you neck and shoulders. My neck is always stiff and frequently achy plus I have chronic shoulder problems. So why not give this a try, right? It didn't cure anything but it did feel … Continue reading SaraBethYoga: 10 Minute Yoga for Neck & Shoulder Tension

Perfect 30: Perfect Flow

Perfect Flow is part of Cathe's Perfect 30 series. Perfect Flow contains one 30 minute mobility workout, one 30 minute yoga workout and a 9 minute core bonus. The other two workouts included in the Perfect 30 Series are Perfect HIIT and Perfect Pump. I won't be doing Perfect Pump until the beginning of December … Continue reading Perfect 30: Perfect Flow

Perfect 30: Perfect HIIT

Perfect HIIT is part of Cathe's newest workout series, Perfect 30. It contains two 30 minute cardio interval workouts. One is a high impact HIIT workout and the other is a low impact HIIT workout. This DVD also includes two bonuses: a Pyramid HIIT Bonus (high impact) and an extended stretch bonus. Almost all of … Continue reading Perfect 30: Perfect HIIT

Lastics Lite: Stretch Express

Lastics was recommended to me by a blog reader a year or more ago and a Lastics DVD has been on my Amazon wishlist ever since. But I could never motivate myself to buy it. It was an hour long and it isn't cheap. I knew I would not use an hour long stretch workout … Continue reading Lastics Lite: Stretch Express

Essentrics: Class of 2012

Class of 2012 is another Classical Stretch/Essentrics workout that is led by Sahra Esmond-White. Sahra says this workout is a favorite in the classes she teaches so she decided to bring it to DVD for everyone to enjoy. And I am glad she did! It was an excellent mobility, flexibility and bodyweight strength workout. Her … Continue reading Essentrics: Class of 2012

Essentrics: Full Body Toning

Full Body Toning is another Eccentrics workout lead by Sahra Esmonde-White, daughter of Miranda Esmond-White¬†(the creator of Classical Stretch/Essentrics). The website and description on the back of the DVD case say that this is one of the most popular Essentrics routines. It is often the first workout taught in a live class by newly certified … Continue reading Essentrics: Full Body Toning