Low Impact Tabata Workout // No Equipment

Low Impact Tabata Workout // No Equipment is another excellent workout from Heather Robertson. As I mentioned in another review, today, for my doubles workout, I stacked several of Heather's workouts. I started with her 16 minute Low Impact HIIT Workout. I followed it up with this workout and ended with her Quick Daily Stretching … Continue reading Low Impact Tabata Workout // No Equipment


Cross Training for Fitness

Cross Training for Fitness is collection of 5 approx. 15 minute martial arts inspired workouts led by Jessica Smith and Guillermo Gomez, whom I recently discovered is Jessica's husband. If you hit "Play all" you get a 1:30 minute intro from Jessica and Guillermo. They tell you that these workouts are based on the principle … Continue reading Cross Training for Fitness

Insane Total Body HIIT Workout // 40 Exercises in 40 Minutes

Insane Total Body HIIT Workout // 40 Exercises in 40 Minutes is the first workout of Heather Robertson's that I've done that uses dumbbells. It is a total body strength + cardio workout. I'm not sure if I would call it insane, but I would definitely call it excellent! There is no boredom in this … Continue reading Insane Total Body HIIT Workout // 40 Exercises in 40 Minutes

Martial Fusion: Fitness Kickboxing

Martial Fusion is a series of cardio kickboxing workouts by Guillermo Gomez who is a 4th degree black belt and Jessica Smith's husband. In addition to the main workout, there is also a 24:30 minute heavy bag bonus. The heavy bag bonus is more of a tutorial. Guillermo gives a lot of instruction on how … Continue reading Martial Fusion: Fitness Kickboxing

Low Impact Full Body HIIT Workout

Heather Robertson is a new to me YouTube fitness trainer. YouTube recommended her workouts to me and after previewing a few, I was very intrigued. Since recently completing a bodyweight rotation, I have been looking for ways to incorporate more push ups into my workouts. This workout has some push ups in it so it … Continue reading Low Impact Full Body HIIT Workout

Mark Lauren’s 90 Day Challenge (+ My Bodyweight Rotation)

Mark Lauren's 90 Day Challenge contains 8 DVDs and each DVD has workouts at 3 levels of difficulty (or 24 total workouts) plus one warm up and one cool down that are used in all 24 workouts. In addition, if you go to Mark's website you can download his rotation calendar. This review contains a … Continue reading Mark Lauren’s 90 Day Challenge (+ My Bodyweight Rotation)

Bodystrikes Vol 3

BodyStrikes Vol 3 is crazy intense! For my current fitness level at least. Let me give some background on how I am using the BodyStrikes workouts. I am currently doing Mark Lauren's 90 Day Challenge. I am using Mark's program to rebuild my strength after a major surgery. Mark's program is all┬ábodyweight training. I am … Continue reading Bodystrikes Vol 3

Rippedism 2

Stu and Jeff are back with another tough fitness program--Rippedism 2. In their intro, they promise that these will be the most efficient workouts you have ever done. They also say that this program is appropriate for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. The only equipment you need are dumbbells. They recommend 3 sets--heavy, … Continue reading Rippedism 2

Fit Tower: Boot Camp

Boot Camp is another one of Cathe's Advanced Fit Tower workouts. This workout uses the Fit Tower, the equipment that came with it and nothing else. Also included on this DVD is a Bonus Abs that is also included on the other two Advanced Fit Tower workouts: Legs, Glutes & Core and Total Body. I … Continue reading Fit Tower: Boot Camp

Metabolic Strength Vol 5 & Vol 6

Vol 5 & Vol 6 are the last DVD in Tracie Long's Metabolic Strength series. This DVD contains two more excellent 30 minute functional total body strength workouts--Rock Solid and Heat it Up. These two workouts were pretty amazing. They worked my entire body and gave me some cardio. I burned 400 calories in the … Continue reading Metabolic Strength Vol 5 & Vol 6