AngieFitnessTV: Rebounder Cardio & Upper Body Sculpt w/ Light Weights

Rebounder Cardio & Upper Body Sculpt w/ Light Weights is another fun rebounder workout from AngieFitnessTV. As the title indicates, this workout is upper body focused. The majority of the workout consists of jumping on the rebounder with the pilates/playground ball between your thighs while doing light weight/high rep upper body work--so cardio and strength … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Rebounder Cardio & Upper Body Sculpt w/ Light Weights

Low Impact Weights (Chest & Triceps) and Cardio

Low Impact Weights and Cardio is cardio + strength workout from Yvette Bachman. For this workout you will alternate strength and core exercises with cardio exercises. The focus of the strength work is your chest and triceps. For the chest and triceps your goal is 12-15 reps, so choose your weights accordingly. The cardio is … Continue reading Low Impact Weights (Chest & Triceps) and Cardio

AngieFitnessTV: Live #84 Rebounding Body Works Class

Live #84 Rebounding Body Works Class is another hour long rebounder workout from AngieFitnessTV. This workout is done EMOM style--Every Minute On the Minute. All that means is every exercise is done for one minute. This is one of her more intense rebounder workouts. Angie says this is an "informal workout"--the type of workout she would … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Live #84 Rebounding Body Works Class

Cathe Live: Metabolic 300

Metabolic 300 is the 300th Cathe live workout! Cathe has more than 300 live workouts now and she is still going strong and creating amazing and effective workouts--in spite of a pandemic. How awesome is that? And if you ask me, her live workouts have only gotten better. She has her gym all decorated to celebrate … Continue reading Cathe Live: Metabolic 300

Cathe Live: Bootcamp Heavy Weights

I treasure these new Cathe Live workouts where Cathe is lifting heavy. I have one more to try (next week) unless she creates more, which I hope she does. This morning was #303 Bootcamp Heavy Weights. It is a cardio + strength total body workout. There is so much I loved about this workout. My favorite part … Continue reading Cathe Live: Bootcamp Heavy Weights

Barlates: Gentle Home Workouts/Combinations

Combinations is part of Linda @ Barlates Gentle Home Workouts Series. I am using Linda's Gentle Home Workouts on my recovery days. Today I did this workout and finished my morning workout with an Essentrics Stretch. Having done a lot of Linda's workouts, I think "gentle" in the instance of a Barlates workout means intermediate … Continue reading Barlates: Gentle Home Workouts/Combinations

AngieFitnessTV: Rebounding EMOM Cardio-Weights Circuit

Rebounding EMOM Cardio-Weights Circuit is one of AngieFitnessTV's live workouts. It is actually only 60 minutes long but looks much longer (84:10 minutes). The first 5 minutes is Angie talking while she is waiting for her viewer/exercisers to log on and the final 19 minutes is Angie talking with her viewers. Angie does give information … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Rebounding EMOM Cardio-Weights Circuit

Cathe Live: Hooked on PHA

#288 Hooked on PHA is another total body metabolic strength workout from Cathe Live using the PHA method. Before I go any further, here is the PHA definition I add to all PHA workouts I review. PHA stands for Peripheral Heart Action. What this means in training terms is you alternate between upper and lower body … Continue reading Cathe Live: Hooked on PHA

Cathe Live: Burn Sets Biceps & Triceps

#304 Burn Sets: Biceps & Triceps is the 3rd and final workout in Cathe's Burn Sets Live workouts. Between the 3 workouts Cathe hits every major muscle group and she works them thoroughly. The other two workouts are Back, Chest & Shoulders and Express Legs Heavy Weight. I love these workouts. I also love how hard … Continue reading Cathe Live: Burn Sets Biceps & Triceps

Cathe Live: Burn Sets Back, Chest & Shoulders

I was so excited when Cathe started filming her live Burn Sets workouts. I love her live workouts. I love her pandemic live workouts even more than her regular ones and now she is giving me what I really want--live strength workouts that are really challenging--using heavy dumbbells and doing fewer reps. The rep range … Continue reading Cathe Live: Burn Sets Back, Chest & Shoulders