PopPhysique: Original Butt

I had never heard of PopPhysique before but Popsugar/Anna Renderer had PopPhysique trainer Sam Harper as a guest trainer and I really enjoyed her 10 minute Leg & Butt workout, so I looked PopPhysique up on Amazon. There were two workouts with "butt" in the title that were cheap if purchased used. The covers of … Continue reading PopPhysique: Original Butt


Popsugar: PopPhysique Leg & Butt Workout

PopPhysique Leg & Butt Workout is another 10 minute workout from Popsugar. This one is led by guest trainer Sam Harper, a PopPhysique trainer. I have never heard of PopPhysique before so of course I went straight to Amazon to do some research. And I am intrigued! I now have some PopPhysique workouts on my … Continue reading Popsugar: PopPhysique Leg & Butt Workout