The Firm/Zip Trainer: Firm & Cardio

Firm & Cardio are the deluxe add on workouts available at the time the Zip Trainer program came out (see that review for more info on what a Zip Trainer is). This deluxe add on came with a 7 pound core ball but the core ball is no longer available, only the DVDs. Firm & … Continue reading The Firm/Zip Trainer: Firm & Cardio


The Firm: Zip Trainer

The Zip Trainer fitness program was created by The Firm. It contains 8 short workouts and comes with the Zip Trainer, a nutrition guide and a fitness guide. The workouts are led by 6 Firm trainers: Emily Welsh, Allie Del Rio, Stephanie Huckabee, Alison Davis, Kelsie Daniels and Annie Lee Coffey. The fitness guide introduces … Continue reading The Firm: Zip Trainer

The Firm: Hard Core Fusion

Hard Core Fusion is part of The Firm's CardioWeight System and it's led by trainer Allie Del Rio. This workout is available on its own but when I got it, it came with 3 other workouts: Cardio Overdrive, Hi-Def Sculpt and Cardio Party. The CardioWeight System is a collection of workouts that came with a … Continue reading The Firm: Hard Core Fusion

The Firm: Cardio Party

Cardio Party is a pure cardio workout led by multiple Firm Trainers: Alison Davis, Emily Welsh, Rebekah Sturkie, Annie Lee and Allie Del Rio Pointer. This workout is available on its own but when I got it, it was a bonus workout included in The Firm's CardioWeight System. The CardioWeight System is a collection of … Continue reading The Firm: Cardio Party

The Firm: TransFIRM Your Body

TransFIRM Your Body is one of the pink Firms and is led by Allie Del Rio. It uses the Fanny Lifter--but it is not one of the early Body Sculpting System workouts. In fact, it's not even one of the earlier pink Firms. This is one that the Firm created later. And they don't call … Continue reading The Firm: TransFIRM Your Body

The Firm: Time Crunch Cardio

Time Crunch Cardio contains 3 twenty minute workouts led by trainer Allie Del Rio. This is another Firm workout I bought when it first came out but then never did. I have been trying the workouts out as add ons to finish off other short Firm workouts and I love it for that purpose. So … Continue reading The Firm: Time Crunch Cardio

The Firm: Cardio Sculpt

Cardio Sculpt is a cardio + strength workout led by trainer Allie Del Rio. It is part of The Firm's first Body Sculpting System. It is another effective and fun circuit workout that alternates cardio circuits with strength circuits. Allie uses a lot of tempo changes to¬†help burn your muscles out. And like the majority … Continue reading The Firm: Cardio Sculpt

The Firm: Total Body Toner

Total Body Toner is one of the pink (so later) Firm workouts that is led by trainer Allie Del Rio. Wow! This was an incredible workout! I bought a lot of the pink Firms near the end of my Firm period so I didn't do them as much as the older Firms, plus some of … Continue reading The Firm: Total Body Toner

The Firm: Jiggle Free Abs

Jiggle Free Abs is part of The Firm's TransFirmer system. It is led by Allie Del Rio. I used to love this workout--and I have never been a fan of long core work. But this workout is so varied and I loved using the step. This is one of the few TransFirmer workouts that is … Continue reading The Firm: Jiggle Free Abs

The Firm: Power Sculpt

The Firm: Power Sculpt is a short metabolic strength workout that came with its own piece of equipment: the sculpting stick pro--similar to the sculpting stick that came with their Body Sculpting System 2 but (IMHO) better. This sculpting stick is one pound heavier (9 pounds instead of 8 pounds) and separates into three 3 … Continue reading The Firm: Power Sculpt